March 22, 2023


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Russia's defeat in Ukraine.  Meanwhile, Putin.  The video speaks for itself - O2

Russia’s defeat in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Putin. The video speaks for itself – O2

Francis Scarr drew attention to the behavior of Vladimir Putin. The BBC noted that in the public statements of the President of the Russian Federation there was no mention of recent defeats at the front.

For now, Putin has not responded publicly to the failures his “special military operation is now” facing, Francis Scarr said in a tweet on Twitter.

Putin also fell victim to criticism from deputies from the Lomonosov region. The independent Russian portal Meduza reported that local government officials considered the current president of the country incompetent and outdated, and published an official letter on their website demanding his resignation.

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Vladimir Putin talks about the war in Ukraine. The Russian president has been silent about his defeats

So what is Vladimir Putin doing? The Russian president is currently focused on encouraging his citizens to vote for regional projects. He even shared a special recording where he explained how to do it.

Instead, this morning the Kremlin released a video in which (Vladimir Putin – editor’s note) encouraging Russians to cast their electronic votes on “one voting day” locally and regionally tomorrow – criticizing Russia’s president on Twitter, Francis Scarr.

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