“The unequal treatment of foreign currency and Polish zloty borrowers angers the latter” [WYWIAD]

Lukasz Wilkowicz talks to Krzysztof Kalecki

Why this book? Haven't you lost the game already? It is known that the right is on the side of Swiss franc borrowers, and not on the side of banks. The only thing left for banks is to create reserves.

When I work scientifically, I am ethically obligated to express opinions that are consistent with the research I am conducting. It must be pointed out that what is called today “judicial truth” is in fact an interpretive lie. Plato wrote that truth cannot be created from falsehood, and I am trying to prove that.

Let's remember that you are the former head of the Swiss Franc Bank.

I have been a researcher for much longer – 48 years – and have written many articles on exchange rates, and in 1996 I wrote a book. One is a scientist, but the other is just a president. Moreover, I started working at Deutsche Bank Polska in 1998 in the institutional part.

So, you are not giving foreign currency loans, you are just purchasing a portfolio.

I didn't buy it, but Deutsche Bank Polska – Corporate, and Deutsche Bank PBC – Retail were merged. So the wallet was inherited.

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