It is still not known who is to blame for the lack of oxygen in the temporary hospital at MTP

The prosecutor’s investigation will be extended.

On March 30, 2021, MTP Hospital ran out of oxygen that was provided to patients. We have written about the issue many times. At first, technicians were called to the scene – and it was thought that a minor malfunction in the equipment supplying patients with oxygen had started the alarms. However, it soon became clear that there was no failure, and the cause of the problems was the lack of oxygen in the installation.

12 patients in the most serious cases were transferred to other hospitals in Poznań. Firefighters went to the MTP with oxygen cylinders supplied. However, these began to run low before the police-escorted oxygen-guided transport arrived at the hospital. Finally, after a few hours, oxygen reappeared in the installation and began flowing into the patients.

It soon became clear that on the ill-fated day, only 6 people had died in the makeshift hospital until 12.30. When the case became public, the governor notified the attorney general’s office. The technical director and the technical worker were fired.

Initially, the investigation into this matter was supposed to end in the spring of 2022, but it has been extended. Now Radio Poznań reports that we will have another extension of the investigation – until March 2023. It is true that the investigators already have expert opinions and have interviewed the patients’ families, but the interrogations of the hospital staff are still ongoing.

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