The Twardowski project has been approved by the European Space Agency.  The Poles will help discover the moon

However, Polish entities will cooperate with additional foreign companies The main implementation of the objectives is to maintain the Polish side. The priority is to build national competencies and increase the importance of the Polish space industry on the international scene.

According to Dr. hab. Grzegorz Brona, President of Croetech Instruments The satellite that will be sent to the Moon as part of the mission is based on the HyperSat small satellite platform developed by the company. The project approved by the European Space Agency is an opportunity to be sent into lunar orbit The most technologically advanced satellites To map the history of the development of the space industry.

Satellite is here to stay Adapted to work in spaceEspecially for very high levels of cosmic radiation and for operating a research instrument made at the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Advanced Payload.

The HyperSat platform will be adapted to operate in lunar orbit at an altitude of approximately 100-300 km. It will also be equipped with a system for changing the location between the periphery and the center and three or four decoders that adapt to different types of light. Images received as part of the Twardowski mission They are supposed to be the best and most accurate In history from the perspective of future plans to colonize the Silver Ball.

The HyperSat platform is the work of Polish engineers. It allows for the design and production of scalable satellites. Right now, these are small units, From 10 to several tens of kilogramsBut in the future this will be allowed To produce units up to 200 kg With different purposes. These include communications satellites, low-Earth orbit navigation satellites, and image recognition satellites.

The project is scheduled to start at the beginning of next yearin January 2024. It is expected to last for 12 months. Most of the funds for its implementation will come from Poland’s increased voluntary contribution to the European Space Agency this year. The value of the design phase is expected 250 thousand euros.

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