Electricity prices rising from July Hennig-Kloska spoke of “30 PLN in the bill”.  It becomes clear to whom this amount applies

Last month, the head of the Ministry of Climate and Environment was asked in Polsat News whether after July 1 – when solutions targeting, among other things, will stop being applied. Freeze electricity prices – Will electricity prices rise?

Hennig Kloska reacted in order to “not be intimidated” and informed that a meeting was held on Thursday with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and State Assets as well as the offices that set energy prices in Poland.

“I would like the monthly household bill not to increase by more than PLN 30”

– she added.

Today it repeated this statement, but stated that the amount mentioned relates to an estimate of “the average consumption in the case of a one-person pensioner household, where the problem of energy poverty is greatest.”

Former Prime Minister Beata Szydlo responded to these words.

– Minister Hennig Kloska admitted this openly When talking about “an increase of 30 zlotys for electricity”, the government refers to estimates for… single-person households. This means that most Polish households will pay bills well above PLN 30 from July. Tusk's only details are specific pay increases

– Szydło wrote.

Source: nielezna.pl

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