The third league team will fight for their Polish Cup dreams.  Right now, he’s struggling with the grass

Karina Jobin, a third division player, will compete next Thursday to reach the historic quarter-finals of the Polish Cup, against Piast Gliwice. In Lubuski District, they are preparing for a wonderful football celebration. However, before this match takes place, the people of Jobin are struggling to make their field suitable for playing.

Last weekend, winter took not only Polish drivers by surprise, but also football clubs. Due to a snowstorm, several matches in the First and Second Extraklassa Leagues were cancelled, and the match between Corona and Lech was held in Kielce, despite the players running through the snow. As the winter weather will accompany us in the following days, is the match between Karina Jobin and Piast Gliwiec in the 1/8 finals of the Polish Cup in doubt?

1/8 Polish Cup Final Karina Jobin – Piast Gliwice. Extensive work is being done on the turf

The pitch at the municipal stadium in Gubin is unheated. The third league’s autumn round ended on the last weekend of November. Karina’s players are training, but so far they are working on artificial turf in Krosno Odrzanskiy, a town about half an hour from Gubin. This is where the final match of the 1/16 Polish Cup against Staława Wola was played, but as we heard – there is no option to play the match against Piast Gliwice here either.

We played in Krosno Odrzanski then, because it had been raining hard in Gubin for two weeks. The grass was very muddy because the ground was clay. For the convenience of playing, we decided to move the match to Krosno Odrzanski – Karina’s Arkadiusz Mikowijczyk told us.

Work has been underway on the grass in Jobin since Monday. They are making every effort to ensure that the match will take place as planned – on December 7 at 10:00 pm at 12:00 at Generała Sikorskiego Stadium 89. There was an idea that this match will be held in Arena Gliwice, but the club from Lubuskie Voivodeship decided that it was a moment It was a historic event for the local community and they wanted this football celebration to continue. running in their place.

Today we removed a layer of snow from the playground. We helped about 40-50 people. The grass below is soft, we even think it is very soft. Tomorrow we will sand the field to make it tighter. We heard that if there was ice on the field, it would not be possible to play the match there. There is no ice, it is smooth. In the next few days, the temperature in Jobin will be above zero or close to zero, so I think there will be no obstacles to holding this match – Mikowajczyk explains to us.

After the autumn round, Karina Jobin was in the relegation zone of the third division, Group C, where she ranked sixteenth in the table with 18 points from 18 rounds. However, it should be noted that Stilon Gorzów Wielkopolski, who is in the “Safe” position, has the same number of points as Karina.

The 1/8 Polish Cup Final is the greatest success in the history of this club. They have never made it this far in this competition, and League Three is the highest level they have ever played at. The club was founded in 1960. In this year’s edition of PP Carina Gubin eliminated Radunia Stężyca (Second League) and Stal Stalowa Wola (Second League).

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