January 31, 2023


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Mate Kasch has obtained Polish citizenship

Mate Kasch has obtained Polish citizenship

The acceleration in the matter of Matti Kac’s nationality occurred as a result of talks between the President of the Polish Football Association, Cesare Kuleza, with President Andrzej Duda. As Sebastian Staszewski informed, at the special request of President Duda, Kash’s request, which theoretically could have been signed by the Mazovian province for several weeks, was examined in a swift procedure.

Thanks to this, Konstanty Radzwijk, Mazovian Voivode, signed the order for the football player Aston Villa and soon Cash will be able to make his debut in the Polish national team. Paulo Sousa counts on him a lot, and he clearly has a plan on how to use a player in the Premier League to fight for promotion to the World Cup in Qatar.

At the time Radziwi’s signature was placed on the application, Cash was given the opportunity to apply to the embassy for a temporary passport. This, in turn, will be to overcome the last official hurdle before one of the players is called up for the national team.


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