The tax on the thirteenth pension.  Some seniors will get their money back.  This is the way

It will be the thirteenth pension this year Total PLN 1588.44. Those who receive their monthly benefit on the first day of the month will receive the 13th of March. The rest – in April.

The tax on the thirteenth pension. Some seniors will get their money back

Most importantly, the fringe benefits will be taxed. “The advance payment will be charged only when the total pension with the total annuity does not exceed thirteen PLN, because this is the tax-free amount,” the Fakt daily reports.

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The newspaper adds that some senior citizens will be able to recover the withholding amounts, but they will have to wait for it.

If the pensions paid with thirteen do not exceed the free amount i.e. 30,000 PLN. PLN, “Payment of the thirteenth pension will not lead to the need to pay tax– The daily newspaper quoted the answer of Deputy Finance Minister Artur Sopoy to the parliamentary questioning.

The Truth calculates that people with a pension or disability pension from 1000 can count on returning the advance payment from the age of thirteen. The total PLN before the index is 2,000 PLN approximately 200 PLN. It’s even about 180 PLN.

Thirteenth annuity. Payout table

The first “thirteen” will go to retirees before EasterF- President of the Social Insurance Corporation, a. Gertrude Osinska. To get this feature, you don’t need to make any application, ZUS will do it automatically.

– ZUS pays thirteen with an APR retirement or disability pension. If the date of payment of the benefit falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or other public holiday, ZUS will pay it before that holiday. For example, if the pension payment date falls on April 10, the pensioner will receive his allowance along with the thirteen before Easter, the ZUS chief noted.

Also, she added, the first payment will be made on March 31st since April 1st falls on a Saturday. The latest deadline is April 25th. Early payment will also cover people who receive benefits by the 10th of the month. The money will reach them before Easter.

The 13th pension payment schedule is: April 1 (payment March 31), April 5, April 6, April 10, April 15, April 20, April 25.

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