Hit "Gas Station Simulator" on Steam.  UFOs, mines and exotic cars.  It will pay you back in 1.5 hours

“Gas Station Simulator”, a Polish game developed by Drago Entertainment and published by Movie Games, has turned into a real success for the Steam platform.

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The premiere of the film, which took place on Wednesday, September 15, was met with great interest from the players costs Production returned in just 1.5 hours – says Kombarek.

“The Board of Directors of Drago Entertainment SA with its registered office in Krakow informs that within an hour and a half of the premiere of “Gas Station Simulator” (game) on Steam, sales of the game have been achieved, including the platform and publisher commission costs covering the total gross production costs for the game, which amounts to about 450,000 PLN ”- we read in the company’s announcement.

Polish game on Steam Foot. steam

The title also quickly jumped into the top ten of the most popular games Broadcasting platforms around the world.

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Poland is again playing a global hit. Desert, cars and even UFOs

The simulation game takes place in the American desert, and the player takes on the role of the owner of a gas station located near the highway. The tasks include not only refueling cars, but also driving wash Renovation, unloading and maintenance of the vicinity. However, the gameplay is more extensive – up to the mines and even … a UFO ship appears in the movie to promote the title.

Joanna Tynor, Chairman of DRAGO Entertainment, admits that “Gas Station Simulator” has been highly anticipated by simulation fans. – The more we enjoy the first official presentation of this project, which we have been preparing for a long time. We have high hopes for this title – she said pinning on the success of the premiere.

The success of the Polish game is further evidence of the expansion of Polish gaming companies. After the success of “The Witcher” he published CD . project, more and more producers in our country are achieving worldwide success. Other titles include “This War of Mine”, “Frostpunk” and “My Memory of Us”.

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