“The Taming of the Shrew 2”: No humor, no imagination, no meaning

“The Taming of the Shrew 2” is supposed to be a romantic comedy set in a familiar Highland setting. The couple must temporarily separate because Cassia returns to the United States to receive an award for her scientific achievements. During this time, something happens A misunderstanding between Patrick (Mikołaj Roznerski) and cassia (Magdalena Lambarska). As a form of revenge, they begin to spite each other, which leads to another couple being involved in their quarrels – Weronika (Agata Turcotte) and Cacper (Piotr Nierlowski).

We should start our first impressions after the movie with positive thingsWhich greatly increased the enjoyment of watching this movie. Firstly, the camera work: all transitions were very smooth and the frames captured what was most important at a given moment.

They were also undeniably endearing mountain views, Covered in snow caps, it was eye-catching and made me want to take a trip to Zakopane. This trip will probably end with admiration for the horses, which are also stunning in the film's prologue, especially in the patronage racing scene.

as you see, There are a few advantages to this production. It's time to point out the minuses and disadvantages, of which, unfortunately, there are many.

Let's start with animated splash graphics, Which is completely illogical and not pretty. According to a professional graphic designer, it was “sloppy and inconsistent with the overall production”. They added absolutely nothing to the film – perhaps if they appeared at regular intervals or during a change in the narrative, but unfortunately they appeared at random moments, adding nothing and ruining the immersion.

Let's move on to the representation of the main characters. Lambarska and Roznerski were clearly bored during filming, because there is no chemistry between them “Great highland brawls” It should have been full of mood and emotion, they were Artificial and cute. It's just that people don't usually argue like that. Additionally, there are childish antics and tricks that go right back to middle school, when you want to spite the boy/girl just because.

But what is the plot of the movie? I still wonder. We see Cassia leaving to receive the award, which will be broadcast on American television. During the program he has to give the phone to the presenter's assistant so as not to disturb her, which is completely logical. However, under unexplained circumstances, the phone ends up in the hands of Cassia's ex-partner, Bob, who wants to get his ex back.

During the program, Patrick decides that maybe… this is the best time to make a phone call, and of course broadcast it to the screens and speakers of the White Teddy Bear Ball. Bob answers the call, leading to the main conflict of the film – Patrick and all his friends are convinced that Cassia has cheated on her partner.

Why? Why would your partner, knowing that their loved one is experiencing one of the most important moments of their life, call and demand attention when the entire event is being broadcast live? Why did he not wait until the end of the program, knowing that such events require focus and commitment? After this situation, Patrick decides to be insulted by his partner without waiting for words of explanation.

Roznersky's hero clearly likes to camp near women's homes, because as soon as Kasia returns from the USA, he pitches his immortal tent near the single woman he has recently met. At the same time, Cassia receives Kacper – the girl's partner, who is camping out on the plot of land in his bus, next to Patrick.

Begins A strange battle called “Who will hate who more?”It's not funny, it's not helpful, and it's completely unnecessary. Adults who cannot talk to each other and communicate the simplest information are not funny or entertaining. This is just sad.

What's also amazing is that absolutely everyone Highlanders wear folk costumes all the time, Maybe so that the viewer does not forget that we are in the Polish mountains. It doesn't matter whether they are with tourists or planning illegal actions – they all wear striped trousers and a jacket, not forgetting the indestructible hat. The Highland atmosphere even goes so far that we have the dubious pleasure of seeing men wearing masks with embroidered Highland decorations.

I love that “The Taming of the Shrew 2” is a romantic comedy. but There is no humor or romance here. Cassia and Patrick seem to be together out of necessity, and they don't understand each other at all. Another couple gets involved in their relationship, and they also cannot communicate their basic needs, and everything gets mixed up with their neighbors.

So what is this movie? I'm also looking for an answer to this question because I don't know. The movie was boring, without any idea, and one of the few positives was that it was nice to watch. Is it worth watching? In my opinion, it is better to talk with your family, play board games or listen to music. Anything would be better than watching “The Taming of the Shrew 2.”

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