January 31, 2023


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Fast and the Furious issues only confirm the MCU phenomenon

Fast and the Furious issues only confirm the MCU phenomenon

In recent years (maybe even two decades) We are dealing with an interesting film direction. Well… more and more studios are striving to create their own movie stories. You know, like this series, but instead of 40-minute episodes, we get full-length productions that coalesce over the years as a single unit. There are many examples of such treatments.

Then it comes to creating certain universes. This is the case with the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts shows, but also with the worlds of comic books on the big screens. Both in the context of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe We are following activities related to trying to combine several businesses into one big world that allows you to navigate between specific addresses.

before a while Officially also called Fast and the Furious. This isn’t just a few movies, or even a series – it’s just a story, so a particular universe branches out into many projects (like Star Wars) and is meant to encourage fans to have it all together. However, there is a small problem here – often with this style of creation one thing is forgotten. It is not the quantity that matters, but the quality. And not the films themselves, but the relationships with the actors. Let me explain.

Fast and Furious Problems

It’s not easy to be associated with one brand for many years and to work all the time, sticking to that very thing. One more thing, of course, Star Wars (which I didn’t mention on purpose, although of course it falls under the definition of “movie epic”), Another thing is Fast and Furious. In the latter case, we are not talking about the first performances every decade or two.

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Everything happened here in a period like this. The first part debuted in 2001, and next year we’ll have the “ten” jubilee (although one full-length show has appeared in the meantime). So the main actors must be completely subordinate to the given world. When a new production arrives in theaters every two years, it is very difficult to get involved in any other project.

This of course makes friction very common. You know, it’s a bit like elementary school where we hung out with the same people for so many years. You can love each other, love each other and still argue. And it doesn’t have to be a toxic relationship at all – it’s only natural that certain creative differences lead to inaccuracies and division. Unfortunately In the case of the “Fast & Furious” series it goes a bit too far.

I was excited to write this text with the recent reports about it The departure of director Justin Lin was related to a certain tension between him and Vin Diesel. And sadly, this isn’t the first time the face of the series has prompted someone to let it go. Until last year, it was loud that Dwayne Johnson isolated himself from the brand. Then he mocked the phrase “hard love” and assured him that he would never appear in the epic.

take trouble

And This is where the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes in, all in white. This comic book adaptation saga has been building continuously since 2008. So this year is 14 years, and so far we have received twenty-eight full movies and six series (including one animated movie) from Disney. They all occur in the same world (or in a multi-world) and lead, define, and intersect with each other.

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Most importantly, during this time we have not heard of widespread problems. Sure, for example, the actor playing the Hulk was changed, or the legal battle between the label and Scarlett Johansson was met, but by no means There was no question of any breakdown Or even difficulties in the conduct of the entire project. We have not received reports of toxicity.

instead of this Completely different information appears. I read about actors who want to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for as long as possible, we receive praise in the context of the organization of work or director and imaginative plans, and above all, on the occasion of every premiere, there are voices and news that actors have a great deal of creative freedom when it comes to It’s about movies and series.

the key of success

I seem to explain this clearly The MCU phenomenon and Kevin Feige himselfWho manages everything and pulls the appropriate leads. It’s like the air traffic controller who’s been in charge of ensuring everything runs smoothly for several years. It is a bridge between one film and another, one actor and another, and the directors themselves with the studio. The orchestra man one would like to say. And above all, there is a certain facet of the whole project – a bit like Phil Spencer.

Vin Diesel

This only increases the importance of the organization even more. The actors are assured (which is said to have been confirmed in practice) that subsequent films will not be just coupon discounts. They can afford to play the role, make a greater contribution and feel a certain mission. they know that The films they make are also their work. I’m going back to primary school again – the key to a good atmosphere is definitely commitment and the transmission of apparent causal force. He works here.

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On the other side of the barrier we have The Fast and the Furious. Movies that look very similar to each other. Products where – you can get an impression on the outside – Vin Diesel has the most to say. Works that seem to work only in the cinema, because On other levels, ideas seem to be lacking. Unfortunately, all this strongly affects the actors, their approach and, above all, the atmosphere on the set.

And if the “Fast Saga” itself continues without specific changes, then I am convinced that we will read about the departure of the following actors. Sure, newcomers, but when the old guards leave their posts it’s always a big event. Don’t get me wrong about all this – I wish them the best, the films themselves make me quite a bit happy and I hope they can do the right level of work one day. However, something needs to be done here.