Another bank will stop accepting applications for a 2% secured loan.

The last day an application for a 2% secured loan can be accepted is December 29, 2023. This applies to both applications placed directly by customers in bank branches and those submitted by mortgage brokers,” we read in Santander Bank Polska’s response to a question from TVN 24.

Banks suspend applications

“In view of the exhaustion of the support limit for the “2% Safe Loan” planned for the period 2023-2024 and the resulting possible decision of Gospodarstwa Krajowego Bank to suspend the acceptance of new applications by lending banks as of January 8, 2024, Ochrony Środowiska Bank has decided to temporarily suspend acceptance of new applications for a “2% secure loan” as of December 29, 2023“- BOŚ explained in mid-December.

PKO Bank Polski also informed that credit brokers are obliged to submit applications by December 20. “It was noted that the restriction does not apply to bank branches serving mortgage banking and some agencies that will accept applications without changes,” notes TVN24.

PKO BP added that bank employees still need to verify and verify documents submitted by customers. All applications must be registered by January 7, 2024.

What's next for secure credit?

In mid-December, Development Minister Krzysztof Hetman said on TVN24 that the money allocated for the government program had “practically run out.” Law and Justice Party It is called a 2% secured loan. Heitmann added that the new government will not allow the program to be closed as of January 1, 2024.

– That is why we will come up with a proposal to continue the program. Prospective borrowers can rest assured, Heitman said. He also announced that in 2024, the ministry will launch “a more comprehensive program that will affect not only the demand market, but also the supply market.” – I would like to amend it to make it open to more of our citizens. Perhaps it will be possible to make it cheaper without causing any costs to the state budget – announced the hetman.

Under the “secure loan” law, it may be granted for the first apartment. Its amount cannot exceed PLN 500,000. PLN or 600 thousand PLN if the borrower runs a household with his wife or has at least one child. The private contribution cannot be higher than PLN 200,000. Zloty. If there is no special contribution or incomplete contribution, you can use the BGK guarantee.

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