The Snow Circle: One of the Survivors Gives His Opinion on the Netflix Movie

“Thanks to this film, you will understand what we did…”

One of the most beautiful films of the beginning of 2024 can be found on Netflix. Ice circle, by Juan Antonio Bayona, tells the moving story of the 1972 crash of Flight 571 in the Andes Mountains, killing 29 people, most of them players on the Uruguayan university rugby team. 16 of them survived two months of hell in these mountains. A play is told many times on the big or small screen. But fifty years later, the truth Fernando Parado (played by Augustin Bartella in the film) explains Ice circle A film that best reflects what actually happened there.

In this video for Netflix, Nando Barrado Explain: “Thanks to this picture, you will understand what we did. “

A survivor in Uruguay lost her mother and sister in an accident. But he more than survived this tragedy, he says in the video. Nando says that in 5 decades, his life has not only revolved around accidents. And ultimately, if people want “It's up to them to think of us through this film and create their own version of wonder.”

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