Valve is working on a new game.  The stalemate has already been leaked online

The first screenshots appeared on the Internet Impasse, which, as it turns out, is a new game from Valve. Fans of one of gaming’s most important producers have certainly been waiting for this moment, but it’s worth tempering their excitement. It’s a long way to premiere, AI We’re not entirely sure if this will actually happen. After all, we already have several examples of games from this manufacturer… that simply disappear.

Deadlock is a new game from Valve

Image by Gaby Follower/X/screenshot

If someone is waiting Half life 3Unfortunately, he still has to wait. It’s unlikely that Valve will return to this project, which is unfortunate because The next game release in this series is sure to be a hit. The company is clearly focusing on slightly different content, she said On the X Gabe Follower platformThe new production will be a casual shooting game, like many other games on the market.

before Impasse He was supposed to be called Neon Prime the fortSo it is also not certain whether this name will be kept or not. As for the gameplay itself, we can expect a TPP game, which means that we will be observing the actions of the characters behind their backs.

If all follower reports are confirmed, and they have been, we will fight for it Really big maps in 6v6 battles. Each character will also have a unique set of features, and we’re talking about connectivity Steampunk costume fantasy.

The rest of the material is below the video.

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Another online game

Gray Talon: Shoots skilled long-range shots.  An innovative predator who uses a combination of deadly precision, traps, and clever positioning to defeat the toughest opponents.  Buttons: Hero Sandbox.
Description of one of the characters in the game. Image by Gaby Follower/X/screenshot

Many players probably expected it then Impasse Something a little different. Previously, there was suspicion that the title would refer to something half life the outlet. At the same time, it seems that it will be closer to Dota 2. It will likely attract a large audienceIf the gameplay is properly balanced and the title is consistently supported.

A character in the video game Deadlock runs through a sculptured courtyard, with a building with windows in the background.
Image by Gaby Follower/X/screenshot

Games are also known to focus on They can be a real goldmine in online play. You don’t have to look far for examples. We do, after all Counter strike (It’s also worth checking the CS 2 commands if you’re still playing), listed above Dota 2 whether PUBG.

Really, too, recently She was in good shape Hell Divers 2, The community gathered around the title was able to change Sony’s decision to link Steam accounts to the PlayStation Network. Will the stalemate be successful? We’ll have to wait a little longer before we get the answer to that question.

Source: X. Editorial image: Gabe Follower / X / Screenshot

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