Despite inflation, Quebecers are willing to go into debt to travel

Inflation or not, Quebecers don’t hesitate to travel even when they’re in debt and cut grocery costs, according to a recent survey released Wednesday.

According to a study by the group FlightHub, nearly half of Quebecers who took a flight at least once in the past two years had to cut back on non-essential expenses to take a moment to escape this year.

According to the survey, more than 1 in 4 Quebecers who cannot travel (26%) have already chosen their credit card or some other source of financing for their travel plans.

About 41% of those surveyed said they cut back on daily grocery spending to purchase a travel experience they might not normally be able to afford, according to the survey, highlighting the need for travel solutions.

The survey reveals that 53% of Quebec Millennials (69% across Canada) have had to compromise to satisfy their desire to escape by cutting back on going to restaurants, the cinema or concerts.

“This enthusiasm for travel and the human experiences that accompany it, despite economic challenges, highlights a deep desire for change in scenery and connectivity, and especially among younger generations,” explained FlightHub Group CEO Christopher Cave.

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