Municipalities are reluctant to leave the yards in their normal state.

Morgan Lori
The Canadian Press

Environmentalists argue that landscaping has many benefits: increased biodiversity, less food for birds and insects, less demand for water and pesticides, and less impact on the island. Turf, by contrast, may be greedy, and this is a single culture.

Despite this, growing vegetables, natural grass or wild flowers in front of one’s home is still prohibited in many cities.

Danny Baylorgian, he landed in “Horticultural Non-cooperation.”

The Sherbrook resident allows the lawn in front of his house to grow naturally, even if he runs the risk of breaking municipal piles.

He describes his lawn as “pretty messy”. It is full of wild flowers, clover, dried thyme and tall grasses. Butterflies, bees and birds often come to see it.

I allow nature and plants to take their rightful place.

Danny Baylorjan

Its municipality “prohibits the plants from being allowed to grow to great heights, thus causing aesthetic or other damage to neighboring lands or posing a security risk”.

But Mr Belarusian believes the application is largely based on complaints. He explained his plan to his neighbors. When he got some undeniable looks, no one complained. On the contrary, he and his “garden” have caused a local stir.


Mr. The Nature Conservancy of Canadian biologist Dan Cross cites the example of how tolerance attitudes toward Belarusians have changed. More and more natural places have become popular in recent years because people are becoming more aware of their benefits.

“We are seeing an aesthetic change in what a lawn should look like. More and more people are thinking that their backyards or even municipal parks should be places that allow nature to live in an urban environment,” he said.

This awareness has prompted some municipalities to change ground floor regulations. Some are even considering abandoning them altogether.

In Montreal, for example, the city of Rosemond-la Petit-Battery recently announced the planting of two “microforests” in local parks. The city of Verdun has “restructured” some areas by slowing down the use of sawmills to support the growth of natural grasses.

Saying that it is considering other measures to support this strategy, the central administration has taken a reflection on the matter: the practice of urban beekeeping, the practice of urban beekeeping in its region, and the integration of pollen protection. Awareness on the importance of pollination.

Another example from our neighbors in Ontario: Toronto homeowners are required to mow grass when it reaches a height of more than eight inches, but allows residents to apply for a “natural garden exemption.” However, this requirement may be waived, according to a notice posted on the municipality’s website.

Mr Cross said cities can reduce the cost of maintaining lawns by cutting back more frequently. This reduced the entry into storm sewers and waterways. He says access to nature – even something as simple as watching birds – has been proven to improve people’s mental well-being.

Mr. According to Belarusian, I am pleased to make his small contribution to helping the environment and changing the mood.

He does not like to criticize those who want a well-maintained lawn. However, he thinks the time has come to ask questions about what is and what is not aesthetic. We have to accept those who want to do things differently.

His message is summed up by the sign established in his meadow to explain his idea to the neighbors. It says: “Collaboration is what makes the whole thing wonderful”.

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