Magali Medina sends Dart to Rosangala Espinosa, praising Jocelyto for coming to Televisa |  Performances

Dry!It came out with everything in the Friday edition of Magaly TV La Firme, and after reporting on Joselito Carrera in Mexico, I did not hesitate to send a dart to Exica reality Rosangela Espinoza.

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“Rice ‘did not come to the door of Telemundo, the person with the logo was photographed, someone seemed to have done better,’ Jocelyto ‘Carrera went to Televisa, at least they let him in and recorded an episode from one episode to the soap opera. They seem to need a doctor in a soap opera, He’s just arrived. At least he’s recorded an episode, yet he thinks he’s recorded a star. “, Said Magali Medina Before submitting the report.

Makes it beautiful in Mexico

And it Jocelyto Carrera recorded in Telenovela that “my luck loves you”., Featuring Mexican actors Susanna Gonzalez, David Zepeda, Sergio Sentel and Carmen Salinas.

“I went into danger as a good Peruvian businessman, already for many years, I was preparing an item and at some point I said I had to come. The doors opened without acknowledged commitment.”, Jocelyto Carrera told Magali TV La Firm,

The expected opportunity came to him as soon as he set foot on Mexican soil. “As soon as I get to Mexico, I’m contacted one of the producers again. He’s thank God, Lisandro Diaz, for giving me the opportunity to receive and make an appointment for Televisa San Angel.”, He thought.

“There was a doctor’s role, Victor Chandilan and I had to book tomorrow. He sent me a wardrobe, cut my hair and put everything in front of me. They gave me the script, I could not believe it.” Revealed.

Jocelito defends Rosangela Espinosa with her photo on Telemundo

“With emotions, we all believe that we allow ourselves to be dragged into what we want to feel, but I do not have to brag, they taught me to work at home, value and get your stuff by effort”, Sentence,

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