The second launch of the spacecraft.  When and where do you watch live?

The second test of the massive Starship rocket will take place on Friday. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) He gave SpaceX the green light to conduct a second test flight of the rocket. Seven months after the first test, Elon Musk finally met all the demands of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as the first test ended in failure and severe damage to areas near the launch pad. After 63 modifications and corrective actions, the spacecraft was approved for launch.

According to the agency: “The Federal Aviation Administration has issued authorization for the second launch of the SpaceX Starship Super Heavy vehicle. The FAA concluded that SpaceX met all requirements Regarding safety, environmental protection, policy and financial responsibility.

The launch is scheduled to take place next Friday. The startup window will start 2:00 pm Poland time It will eventually last about two hours. If weather prevents the start, an additional window is scheduled for Saturday as well at 2:00 PM Polish time.

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