Corona Virus.  Tests for the needle-free COVID-19 vaccine are underway

People between the ages of 18 and 50 must participate in the tests. All volunteers must have already taken two doses of the coronavirus vaccine, but before a booster dose.

As the authors of the new preparation assure, this will be “the first step towards creating a universal vaccine against the Corona virus.” Experts hope that the properly developed formula will not only strengthen patients’ immunity, but also protect them from future variants of COVID-19.

How does the needle-free vaccine work?

The novel coronavirus vaccine was developed by Jonathan Heaney of Cambridge University and CEO of DIOSynVax. Thanks to him, the preparation can be administered to patients via an air stream, instead of traditionally injecting a vaccine into the body.

As professor. Heeney, “As new variants emerge and resistance begins to weaken, we need newer technologies.” For this reason, the DIOS-CoVax needle-free vaccine is based on a different technology than the preparations currently approved to protect against COVID-19.

While current vaccines use genes taken from a viral protein to make the body produce antibodies, the new formula is designed to mimic the action of more coronavirus antigens, which researchers say are expected to provide better protection.


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