Caesar Aguana Jr.'s wife reveals her daughter "began to lose sight" due to cancer treatment |  Views

, Wife , Her eldest daughter lost her sight soon after cancer treatment, so she had surgery.

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“A lot of people ask me how Joe is and how I know they like her so much. I just wanted to tell Joe a few months ago. Began to lose vision very quickly Due to cataracts that appeared overnight in both eyes, it was the result of radiation he received as part of cancer treatment a few years ago., The mother said on her Instagram account.

According to the daughter-in-law of a former presidential candidate Caesar Aguna Peralta, The little one regained sight in one eye, but had to undergo another operation in the next few days.

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“Thank God They operated on her First from one eye to the other. They put intraocular lenses on her, one eye was right, but on the 25th she had to have surgery to fix a membrane that did not allow her to see well. “ Claudia Cruzaleki mentioned.

Mom said thank you Prayers The support it has received from users of the aforementioned social network.

“It’s not serious at all but I still wanted to share with you because many people have been with me throughout this process through this medium. To be treated. It is very painful but the recovery is very low”, Done.

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