January 28, 2023


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​Ukraińskie władze podały w czwartek nad ranem, że po ciężkich walkach Rosjanie przejęli kontrolę nad Chersoniem. Mer miasta Ihor Kołychajew poinformował, że w budynku miejskiej administracji rozmawiał z przedstawicielami rosyjskich sił, aby poprosić, by "nie strzelano do ludzi" - relacjonuje AFP.

The Russians captured Kherson. “Those who live in all regions”

Ukrainian authorities announced Thursday morning that the Russians had captured Kherson after heavy fighting. The city’s mayor, Ihor Kulekhaev, reported that he spoke at the city administration building with representatives of the Russian forces to ask them “not to shoot people,” according to AFP.

The head of the Kherson region government, Henady Lahota, called on the people of Kherson to stay in their homes, because “the (Russian) residents are all over the city and they are very dangerous.”

We are having great difficulty collecting and concealing the bodies of the victims, Supplying food and medicine (…), accident assistance – Kolykhayev reported.

He stressed that in his talks with representatives of the Russian forces he “did not make any promises”, and also announced the imposition of a night curfew.

Kherson is the first city captured by the Russians during the week of the invasion.

On Wednesday evening, Kulekhayev said, the Russians were on the city streets and made their way to the town hall. Shortly thereafter, Euromaidan PR reported that fighting was taking place on the streets of Kherson, and that the Ukrainian Regional Defense Forces were trying to retake the city.

Earlier Wednesday, Russian forces announced that they had captured the city, which the Ukrainian authorities denied.

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