Italy.  The treasure was discovered in the depths of the sea.  One of the most important discoveries in recent years

A diver has discovered tens of thousands of ancient coins in the waters off the coast of Sardinia. The Italian Ministry of Culture said they were in “exceptionally good condition.” According to archaeologists, the coins were not there by chance.

This was reported by the Italian Ministry of Culture Coins were found on the sand between the underwater seaweed and the beach. Near the city of Arzachena. As soon as the diver noticed the shiny objects, he informed the authorities, who sent divers from the Department for the Protection of Art Works and other specialists from the Department for Underwater Antiquities.

Italy. An unusual treasure off the coast of Sardinia

Firefighter divers and border guard divers also participated in locating and extracting the coins. The efforts paid off, as it was possible to extract it from the bottom of the sea Many coinsany The origin was estimated to be in the 4th century.

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The exact number of coins found has not yet been determined, as they are still being sorted. The ministry’s statement estimated their presence at least 30 thousand, taking into account its total weight. Maybe even 50 thousand.

“All the coins were in excellent condition, which is extremely rare,” the ministry said. As added, many damaged copies still bear clear inscriptions.

There may be something else in the area

“The treasure found in the waters off the coast of Arzachena is one of the most important coin discoveries in recent years,” archaeologist Luigi La Rocca said in the statement.

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He added in a statement that the discovery was “And further evidence of the richness and importance of archaeological heritageWhich still preserves and protects the bottom of our seas, through which people and goods have passed since ancient times.

The Ministry stated that – taking into account the location and shape of the seabed – There may be the remains of a shipwreck nearby, hence the presence of coins.

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