Prague.  The United States will donate eight helicopters to the Czech Republic.  US Embassy in Prague

Czech Republic The US embassy in Prague said on Twitter that it will receive eight helicopters from the US for free, including six attack helicopters and two multi-role helicopters.

The machines will be delivered under Excess Defense Articles (EDA)Which allows the decommissioned equipment of the US Army to be transferred to the Allies.

In 2019, the Czech Republic ordered eight UH-1Y Venom multirole helicopters and four AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters from Bell. The concern began production of the first Viper for the Czech army in February of this year.

In total, the Czechs will have 20 American machines at their disposal. Defense Minister Jan Chernoshova agreed to deliver eight machines during a visit to Washington in April of this year. As I have been informed, the Ministry of Defense has recently received a letter announcing that the arrangements have been implemented.

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As part of the EDA program Czech Republic You will receive six AH-1Z helicopters and two UH-1Y aircraft. The US embassy said that the Czech side will pay only the costs of modernization and transportation of the machines.

The government in Prague is modernizing its army. This has to do with the fact that Weapons from the communist era are transported to Ukraine. The resulting gap is filled by placing orders in the West.

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In a diplomatic note, Moscow warned the Czech side about it It is prohibited to supply Soviet-made weapons to third countries without their consent. The Czech Republic did not respond to this message.

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, Prague has been supplying weapons and other military materials there. The value of the materials submitted exceeded 45 million euros. For security reasons, the Czech Ministry of Defense has not released the information for some time on the specification of movable weapons.

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