Germany.  Omicron is already present in the whole country.  "dictate the terms"

Variant of omicron Corona virus It has already reached all German federal states. Even if the majority of COVID-19 cases are still caused by the delta variant, this is the number of confirmed cases Omicronime It has grown significantly in recent weeks, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports in its weekly report.

The head of the RKI, Lothar Wheeler, told the RND editorial network that “the omicron outbreak is impressive. Many people in the same room with an infected person can become infected. Many will get sick, too.” Germany.

According to data from RKI in Germany, by December 21, 441 infections had been confirmed by genome screening OmicronimeAnd in 1,438 cases there is such a suspicion after a specific PCR test. However, only a small percentage of samples are tested for the new variant.

Under the pandemic

According to data from RKI on Friday, December 23, health authorities recorded 35,431 new infections in one day Corona VirusThey promised 100 thousand. Of the population, the seven-day infection rate decreased slightly to a level of 265.8 infections.

For the second time, Germany is celebrating Christmas in the shadow of the pandemic. In the face of restrictions President German Frank-Walter Steinmeier in his speech called for trust and responsibility, and warned against hatred and aggression.

new The restrictions will be implemented in Germany on December 28 at the latest, but several states (including Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) have already introduced them on Christmas Eve. Even in the case of vaccination and convalescence, private gatherings were limited to a maximum of ten people.

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One fatal case

Regarding omicron, the RKI writes in its weekly report that “the data reported to date show a moderately moderate course in infected persons who have been fully vaccinated or after booster vaccination.” Symptoms of the disease, if any, were mild. 28 Patients with omicron were hospitalized and one person died.

However, experts indicate that they expect a large number of infected Results Rapid diffusion of the omicron and more hospitalization. RKI chief Lothar Wheeler has warned that the health care system will be overwhelmed if the Omicron wave does not slow.

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“Omicron dictate the terms”

In turn, virologist Christian Drosten from the Berlin Charité clinic, when asked about the lockdown in Germany, said in an interview with register The newspaper “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” said that we will have to wait for the effect of the measures in force now and those that will apply after Christmas.

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If contact restriction doesn’t work, Drosten thinks 1G restrictions could be considered — meaning that access to public and other places will only be granted to those who have already taken a booster dose. They contribute less to the spread of disease and are more protective against it. For the delta variant, he added, “2G” (i.e. access to vaccination and recovery) or “3G” (access also to test subjects) might suffice, but “now omicron dictates the terms”.


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