One of the most beautiful islands in Europe.  Like Santorini again

It is one of the most beautiful islands in Europe. It's hard to resist

Folegandros It is an island located in the southern Cyclades. It is small in size, with an area of ​​only about 32 square kilometers. Despite its size, it can be appreciated by people who want to enjoy a quiet holiday. Interestingly, there is one main road about 10 km long. Folegandros is rich in wonderful scenery, regional dishes and public beaches. In the local taverns you can try fresh fish, traditional horateki salad and local wine. You can go there to three very charming cities:

  • treatment,

  • Yes, Maryam

  • Karavostasis.

The island is a great place for hiking enthusiasts. There are many scenic trails running through the mountains from which you can enjoy the beautiful landscape.

The beach at Folegandros overlooks picturesque cliffs123RF/pixel

Chora has a Santorini vibe

Chora is a city that captivates visitors with its scenery. We will enjoy a landscape of up to 200 meters of cliffs extending along the sea. The town is characterized by its white buildings with colorful decorations, just as is the case in popular Santorini. This is a place where we can experience the daily life of locals, without having to stand in queues full of tourists. It is safe to say that you can experience the perfect ambiance there.

Chora, Folegandros

Chora, Folegandros123RF/pixel

Rustic atmosphere at your fingertips

Yes, Miria It is one of the cities on Folegandros Island. It is characterized by the traditional charm of the Greek countryside and offers tourists the opportunity to immerse themselves in local life. There we will find traditional farms and experience traditional crafts. Residents are often involved in local craft practices such as pottery making and weaving.

One of the most beautiful islands in Europe

One of the most beautiful islands in Europe123RF/pixel

You will not miss this place on the island

Karavostasis It is the main port on Folegandros, which means it is the access point to the island. From there, tourists can also go on trips to the nearby Greek islands. There is also a beach, bars and restaurants where you can relax after or before the ship arrives. Karavostasis offers accommodation, souvenir shops, travel agencies and car rentals that make it easy to explore the rest of the island.

The views on the island will amaze everyone

The views on the island will amaze everyone123RF/pixel


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