“The Roar” is the most dangerous film in the history of cinema.  It's a miracle that no one died

  • The idea for the film “Roar” was born in South Africa in 1969. Tippi Hedren not only came up with the idea, but was also a co-producer and guardian of some of the “stars”.
  • A film crew of 100 people worked on “Ryk”, and up to 150 big cats appeared on the set, as a result of which not only the actors were injured
  • Work on the film continued for more than 10 years, but was interrupted due to financial problems, injuries, and a flood
  • The film was a financial failure and destroyed Hedren's marriage. After filming it, the actress created a sanctuary for big cats
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Hedren and her husband Noel Marshall (producer of “The Exorcist”) came up with the idea to make a film with big cats in 1969 while filming “Devil's Harvest” in Africa. One day, while driving, they came across an abandoned property where a pride of lions was residing. “It was amazing,” the actress later recalled in an interview with the weekly magazine “Parade”. “The lions were sitting in the windows, on the balcony, on the roof, coming in and out of the doors. We'd never seen anything like this before, and we thought: Let's make a movie where the big cats are the strongest.” The stars,” she said.

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After returning from Africa, Marshall wrote a screenplay called Black, Black and More Black. Later renamed 'Ryk' (originally 'Roar') Ed.) The film was an adventure comedy about Hank, an American naturalist who studies the behavior of big cats in Tanzania. When his family comes to visit him, they are horrified to discover that the house where Hank lives is infested by wild cats.

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