The revolution of intercity PKP tickets.  Dynamic ticket prices in TLK, IC and First Class

Starting at 5, PKP Intercity will offer dynamic ticket prices on all train classes and in First Class. So far, it has only been valid in commercial espresso and Pendolino machines.

The revolution in the ticket sales system was presented at a press conference by Thomas Guntars, member of the board of directors of PKP Intercity, and Anna Linarczyk, commercial director. Dynamic ticket prices are ideal for commercial conditions, as they are highly praised by passengers. That is why we are expanding this offer, for the benefit of the passenger – said Thomas Guntars, stressing that ticket prices will not be raised. – The base price remains the same, and this is not an increase. He explained that the management of discounts is changing.

Instead of showing up in advance

From January of this year, tickets for the “prev” show can be purchased at a discount of up to 45% (on three levels). From May 5, these promotional limits will remain, but will be dynamically allocated by the system, according to interest in a particular cycle. There will also be two additional deduction limits. – With a small one, said Tomasz Guntars, even on the day of departure, you will be able to take advantage of the discount. – Now it is not possible to buy a late ticket with this discount. He explained that we want to avoid expensive tickets on almost empty trains.

Our research shows that our passengers are unlikely to plan their departure in advance. This offer is for such people – Intercity board member said, adding that dynamic fare management is well known and popular among Western railways or buses and local air carriers. – This is a good standard that we want to introduce in Poland on a larger scale –
It is to explain.

Discounts also in first class

– The important information is that trade discounts will also apply in the first class, where there are often empty domains. So far, we haven’t been able to flexibly approach that price, said Thomas Guntars.

Prices must be very favorable. The cheapest Superpromo ticket on the Warsaw – Krakow route will be available for PLN 19, and to Lublin for PLN 14. – A student from Krakow to Warsaw will be able to get 9.5 PLN if he gets a Superpromo ticket – the carrier announces. The offer will be available in all sales channels – added Anna Lenarczyk.

The carrier plans to increase the number of passengers thanks to the new offer, fighting for people who have used passenger cars or bus carriers so far. It also wants to increase its revenue, but the base ticket prices will not be raised, even with a very large number of attendees. This is guaranteed under the PSC contract with the Ministry of Infrastructure.

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