April 2, 2023


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"Królowa i konkwistador", odcinek 60 - FINAŁ. Jak zakończy się serial? [29.08]

The Queen and the Conquistador Episode 60 – Final. How will the offer end? [29.08]

The Queen and the Conquistador is a new novel on Polish television. The Colombian series was previously available on the Netflix platform. A synopsis of the 60th episode of the series can be found below.

“The Queen and the Conquistador”Episode 60. What will happen in the new episode of the series “Queen and the Conquistador”? Where, when and when can you watch the first episodes of the Colombian series? We present the summary of the 60th episode of “Queen and Conquistadora” and its broadcast details.

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Direction: Night - Frame from the series

“The Queen and the Conqueror” Episode 60: Episode Summary

Here is the summary of the 60th episode of “Queen and Conquistador”:

Pedro tells the story of his life in court. The story begins with escaping after Cordona is killed, then proceeding to destroy Catalina’s original village. He admits that regret prompted him to build Cartagena. The death sentence is issued, but when it is carried out, Buendia hits the city. During the battles, Catalina was wounded by the leader of the gang. Delirium queen talking to her deceased father. Next, Pedro travels to Spain, hoping to clear himself of the charges in the eyes of the king. Catalina resides in her homeland and plans to rebuild Cartagena.

The Queen and the Conquistador: When and where to watch?

The release of the 60th and final episode of the series “Queen and Conquistador” will be held August 29, 2021 in a 20:15 On air TVP 1.