Poczta Polska's response to the NIK report.  "Contains inaccurate information"

The NIK report contains many errors and statements that are not based on facts, Poczta Polska points out, referring to the audit findings of the Supreme Audit Office. The company announced that it has provided a number of interpretations and comments on the findings of the NIK report.

In the report published Thursday, “Quality and Availability of Global Postal Services Provided by Poczta Polska SA” in 2015-2020, The Financial Supervision Bureau has rated, which – which Poczta Polska does not guarantee the proper quality of the world postal services.” “There are still delays in the delivery of parcels and it has become more expensive, and in some areas the population has problems with the availability of postal services” – the report wrote. As it was added, “measures aimed at changing this situation are not fully effective”.

“Poczta Polska did not deliver most categories of parcels as part of the overall service on time” – the Chamber confirmed. As indicated by the research The delivery time of postal items is made at the request of the head of the Office of Electronic Communications.

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