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Anna Przybylska mentioned Anna Przybylska and revealed the details of the film about her. She admitted that she was associated with the tragedy that befell her daughter.

Anna Przybylska She was suffering from cancer. In 2013, she underwent surgery to remove a pancreatic tumor. At first, she was treated in Gdansk, and later in Switzerland. She died on October 5 at her family home in Gdynia, and four days later she was buried in her father’s grave in the parish cemetery of St. Michael the Archangel. The actress left a partner – Jaroslav Binyukgirl Oliviaas well as two sons Simon And the John.

Many people are still unable to come to terms with her premature death. Polish television decided to record a film, which will be a summary of her private life and career, many years after her departure. The first reports about the creation of production appeared in 2016. However, the work was postponed for some time. The idea was only revived a few months ago.

Initially, the film was planned to be shown in theaters It was finally abandoned. Anya will be emitted by TVP On the eighth anniversary of the death of the actress, corresponding to October 5, 2022. The production used, among other things, amateur recordings made during Przybylska’s stay with her partner and children in Turkey.

Anna Derysewska was working on a movie about Przybylska

The whole family of the star and other relatives took part in the film. Among them was also Anna Deryszowska, who had the opportunity to work with Przybylska on the set of serials Złotopolscy if Mad Virgins Club. Actress in an interview with fact Revealing her role in the production, her deceased friend stated:

I am waiting for this movie. The creators turned to me for a short chat about Anya. I’ve known her for much longer than I did in the series “Crazy Virgins Club”, because I knew her from “Złotopolskie”, where we worked for years. It’s hard to believe it’s been so many years that Anya hasn’t been there, but I always try to find some positivity. I hope that it was the departure of Anya, a young woman who took care of herself and played sports, that made people check themselves more often, and even despite the pandemic, people will not give up on this search.

The newspaper also asked the star if she had seen Przybylska’s daughter’s actions on the dance floor Dancing with the Stars. Incidentally, she revealed that it matches a lot with the story of Olya who lost her mother at a young age:

Yes I was watching. I cheered her a lot, because I was in a similar situation to when my mother died, I’m half an orphan like Oleuka. This is why I feel so much sympathy for Oliwka. She is a beautiful, talented and intelligent girl. I hope to meet you one day. Who do you know…

Would you like to see Anna Dereszowska and Olivia Pennock In co-production?


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