June 8, 2023


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Warner on CC: Flash. There are opinions! Dunes and IMAX! Wonka and Hugh Grant!

CinemaCon takes place in Las Vegas. On Tuesday, the highlight was the presentation of the Warner Bros. studio. , led by Warner Bros. president. Discover David Zaslav. Here are the most interesting news from this show.

Warner showed the entire “Flash” what reactions?

The highlight of the program was a screening of DC’s “The Flash”. And the audience watched the entire filmAlthough Zaslav stipulated that this is a version that may differ in detail from the one that hits theaters in June.

The first reviews have already appeared on the network. And if these rave reviews are to be believed, DC Studios has never had such a good superhero movie. Here are some of the tweets that appeared after the show.

What about videos on Max? David Zaslav answers

David Zaslav used CinemaCon to reiterate his policy on movies and streaming platforms. He emphasized that he does not see any economic feasibility in producing films for platforms only: Movies that hit theaters outperform those that hit platforms immediately.

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He also added that he believes in a full “window of release”. We are in no hurry to add videos to Max – He said. – It’s a joke. And its purest form is movies in cinemas, when the phones are silenced and the lights go out. This is the only place where it happens. It is a community experience.

Dune 2 was shot entirely with IMAX cameras

We have good news for those who have been waiting for extraordinary visual experiences during the show “Dune 2”. This was confirmed at CinemaCon The show was shot entirely using IMAX cameras.

How’s this for the first one “The Dunes”? This is a huge leap, because for this show only 40% of the material was shot with IMAX cameras.

The assembled audience can also admire the first trailer of the show. The unofficially released unofficial video showed Paul riding a worm and Austin Butler as the bald albino Fed Roth.

Hugh Grant as Oompa Loompa

“Dune 2” Not the only Warner Bros. production. Starring Timothée Chalamet. The studio also revealed a trailer for the film Wonka.

The video material revealed new plot details. It turns out that Wonka will have to fight the chocolate cartelWho wants to stop him from working. The trailer also revealed it Hugh Grant appears in the movie as Oompa-Loompa. The audience greeted him with applause and laughter.

“Final Destination 6”, “Beetlejuice 2”, “The Conjuring 4”

During CinemaCon, the information we released earlier was also confirmed. “Final Destination 6”The first part of the “Final Fate” series in 12 years, it really will stay. The directors are Zack Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein, writers of the 2018 thriller The Misfits. Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts wrote the screenplay.

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It has also been confirmed that it is in the works “Beetlejuice 2”that is, the continuation of worship “Beetlejuice”. While presenting Warner Bros. However, no new details about the movie were given.

We got acquainted with the title of the fourth part of the horror series “Presence”. In America, it will enter theaters as “The Conjuring: The Last Rites”. However, at CinemaCon, it was not specified who will be shooting this sequel. Most fans would expect the series’ creator, James Wan, to do just that.

“Aquaman 2”, “Meg 2”, “The Color Purple”

While presenting Warner Bros. The trailer for DC’s show was shown “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”. Section focus on Arthur and Orm’s friendship. Played by Amber Heard, Mera appears briefly on the battlefield.

The studio also boasted a trailer for the film “Meg 2: The Trench”. Viewers can see how the hero plays Jason Statham fights a giant shark with a jet ski and harpoon.

Other titles that the label has boasted include: “Barbie”And “Violet” and DC movie “blue beetle”.

New trailer for “The Flash”