The Polish footballer has strong opinions about Miecniewicz.  “He cheated on me”

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Jacob Ford

In 2015, Mikhai Janota had the opportunity to collaborate with Czeslaw Michnević, but that period was not successful for him. – He deceived me – the currently unemployed footballer said about the situation when he did not play in the match despite his assurances.

One Polish talent was Michal Janota, who as a youngster joined Dutch club Feyenoord Rotterdam. However, in the end, he did not break into the first team, which is why he was first loaned out and then sold.

He did not have a great career in the Netherlands and eventually returned to Poland. He played for several clubs, then went to Saudi Arabia, and also came to Australia. In 2021, he joined Podbeskidze Bielsko-Piawa for the second time, but as of October 2023 remains a free agent.

He recently had a conversation with journalist Tomasz Ćwiąkała. During this, the topic of Czesław Michniewicz, with whom he had the opportunity to collaborate in 2015, when he joined Pogoń Szczecin, came up.

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– As a human being, I was completely disappointed in him. When Mečenevic came, we had four games to go. I played in the first match against Jagiellonia Białystok. Michel Bazdan hit me twice in the back and my shoulder popped out. I reported it. Coach Michniewicz immediately told me to go get the procedure. I said I would leave, but in June, when the season ends, because we are fighting for eighth place. Janotta admitted that this did not suit him, and she had already realized that it did not suit him.

In addition, Mishnevich was able to promise him a place on the field, but in the end he did not bet on it. – We played against Krakow, and I was supposed to be in the first team. The analysis comes and the coach informs me that I will not play. I was angry, but I accepted it. In front of the whole team, he said I would come for 30 minutes to help him, and he encouraged me a little. In the end, I didn't even go to warm up. That's what made me think he cheated on me – the 33-year-old revealed.

Naturally, this was not the end of the transgressions between these two. The bitter end came during a training session during which Micheniewicz asked Janota why he did not want to become a football player. The angry player then said that he would not continue the conversation because he felt cheated. That ended with him being sent back to the reserve, meaning the 33-year-old did not continue his career in Szczecin, despite being handed a two-year contract. In addition, he heard from the coach that it was not him who decided to demote him.

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