Ski jumping.  Michel Doyal confirms: The staff has not changed

The Poles still jumped poorly or averagely. 11th place in Piotr Żyła and 23rd Jakub Wolny are the best results of Polish jumpers in the second competition of the Seventy Four Hills Championship. After qualifying, we can count on more. The team is still in crisis, and the entirety of Stoch, Andrei Stuka, David Kobaki and Bawick Wisek were all eliminated after the first round. Before the competition it was said that if the situation continued to be bad, changes could be made and someone would leave the tournament to train in peace. Coach Michel Dolyal has his own concept, which he told us about after the competition.

We were hoping for more, it looked like the breakthrough came in qualifying at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, but the competition was thin.

Michel Doyal: Yes, that’s right. Qualifying and training courses are different for everyone, and the competition is worse. Players know they can do better. At the moment, we are tired of competitions.

What is the plan now? Everyone goes to Innsbruck?

Yes, that is the plan now. Jumping in drills looks good, and we have to replicate it in competition.

The biggest problem was with Kamel Stoch, who we had high hopes for before the tournament, because he was up front.

hard to explain. In Oberstdorf there was a problem with the role of Kamil in the flight, we did not change anything in Klingenthal, Engelberg, during the Polish championships, and in the tournament there was a role in the flight. At Ga-Pa we wanted to focus mainly on monitoring everything, but it just stopped working.

Why did Camille’s technique break so fast? After all, we are talking about very experienced jumpers.

I need to talk to him, think about what and how next. There was a problem in Oberstdorf and Ga-Pa, but no one wanted it. We have to make a plan for the next competition.

Have you thought about the idea of ​​withdrawing your entire tournament and sending him somewhere for quiet training?

I don’t want to make that decision myself and I don’t want to talk to Kamil first. However, I am thinking we go further.

There was a lot of criticism after Oberstdorf, although there were positives. It is similar in Ga-Pa. Are you counting down to the Beijing Olympics? There are few of them, and the situation is not going your way.

We would like at least three players to score in the competition. I mean Piotrek Żyła, Dawid Kubacki and Kamil. They can do jumps to give them the top ten. He’s close to Piotrek, he was 11th in Ga-Pa, but he was already there in training and qualifying. Kamel was jumping away from the start of the season, and he was on the podium. David is now jumping a little better. He wants a lot, but that’s what we need for stability.

God knows that there will be great expectations on the occasion of the Games. All fans keep in mind that this is a team that will get a medal. mother was.

I think it still is. There is still time and we have to rebuild in each subsequent competition.

Where is the biggest problem today – with equipment, technology or psyche?

There is no need to talk about equipment, we have explained everything. The biggest problem is technology. This is due to the lack of calm and ease. It is impossible to say when she will return, but one or two competitions will suffice and it will all start.

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