January 30, 2023


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Elimination of WC.  The English accuse the Poles of rioting.  They have evidence

Elimination of WC. The English accuse the Poles of rioting. They have evidence

Meeting England With Hungary He was deciding whether guests would be counted in battle on a cut-off point. They should have won at Wembley, but they only drew. British media are talking about their acting accident, which does not change anything. He is a much louder voice about the achievements of the Hungarian fans and the possible help in the riots that were to be provided by the rioters from Poland.

On the Internet you can find two videos from the whole event. The recordings showed Polish and Hungarian flags and fans attacking British police. The Sun journalists have no doubts – the Poles entered into an alliance with Hungary and had only one goal: to wreak havoc in the stands.

The Sun journalists believe the fans started arguing in the stands because the English players knelt before the start of the whistle. “Racist bandits” – these are the terms used in the article.

“They travel to matches and cause trouble.”

The newspaper refers to the words of one of the first football fansWho wants to remain anonymous. “The Poles were buying tickets en masse. If you look at the recording, you can see slogans referring to the Polish riots on the back. One was wearing a jacket from Zagłębie Sosnowiec, another ŁKS-u. I also saw the anchor, the symbol of the Polish resistance movement. This is what they do: they travel together to these games and cause trouble” – quotes “The Sun”

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A former British riot police officer noted the level of preparation of the police. – Given the reputation of the Hungarians, I was surprised to see how lightly the policemen were dressed and how poor the equipment at their disposal was – he said in an interview with The Sun.

This year, the English had big problems organizing the Euro 2020 finals. A lot of people (mostly Italian fans) went to hospitals, and people without tickets went to the stands.