Drama during the match Cadiz and Barcelona.  what happened?  - football

The accident occurred at the end of the fifth round of the Spanish League.

At one point, there was an unplanned break, because a fan fainted in the stands and needed medical treatment.

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The guard went to get a pacemaker

The Argentine goalkeeper for the hosts was the first to help Jeremias Ledesma. The goalkeeper immediately went to get a pacemaker, handing specialized equipment to the doctors.

The situation was so dramatic that most of the players hid their faces in their hands, unable to believe what had happened to one of the fans.

She informs Marca that an old fan was fighting for his life.

The club from Cadiz made a special statement on social media.

“The players went to the dressing room, and until the situation is brought under control, the match will not resume” – it was written.

“Marca” stated that the fan’s condition is serious, and according to medical sources – when he left the stadium – his pulse was clearly weak.

In serious condition and weak pulse, according to medical sources.

Spanish media also reported that another fan needed medical help Nuevo Mirandella Stadium. However, her condition quickly stabilized.

About 40 minutes into the break – at 20.55 – the players of both teams returned to the field. The match resumed at 21.05.

The match was stopped with a score of 2: 0 in favor of Barcelona. Robert Lewandowski, who was introduced from the bench, scored the second goal for Duma Catalunya.

Video: Getty Images Cadiz – The Barcelona match was suspended, and the medical services were fighting for the fan’s life

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