The Polish company wants to conquer the markets of Kenya and Uzbekistan.  He is preparing to conclude contracts

Artagro Polska, a manufacturer of hydrogels for natural applications, will introduce its technology to African and Asian markets.

Artagro Polska hopes to sign contracts to supply hydrogels to Uzbekistan and Kenya in the coming weeks.

The company has already signed cooperation agreements in local markets, in addition to successful trials of this solution.

In Uzbekistan, the product will be released for potato and cotton crops. In return, it will be used in Kenya to grow citrus.

Africa and Central Asia are regions where water management is already a major existential problem, yet the situation is getting worse every year. Therefore, every opportunity to save water is worth its weight in gold. Our hydrogel allows you to reduce water demand by up to a third – confirms Brian Boss, co-shareholder and development director of Artagro Polska.

Artagro Polska representatives also draw attention to challenges related to agricultural drought in Poland.

– Average rainfall throughout the year remains at a similar level. However, its intensity changes, and the rains become more violent and variable. Soil moisture suffers, so the use of hydrogel can be helpful in reducing the impact of water shortages. Unfortunately, awareness of the existence and usefulness of this technology in Poland is still minimal, notes Brian Buss.

In Poland, the company’s products have already received recognition from state forests and the local government of Warsaw. During the construction of Miasteczko Wilanów, the capital’s urban green spaces used hydrogel in the royal gardens of Wilanów Palace, when the groundwater level dropped and rapid, ad hoc action was necessary.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Czeslaw Sikirski (centre) during a meeting with farmers from Ostrzeszow district in Kisinice.

Artagro has a production plant in Miechów. Currently, the production volume is 150 tons of hydrogel per year, but its production capacity reaches 8000 tons per year.

Artagro Polska is a Polish manufacturer of hydrogels for natural applications, operating since 2012.

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