South African study: Omicron least pathogen

research results Published by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, as reported by Bloomberg, Give hope for it Despite the increase in the number of cases However, the spread of the new option will not mean any increased pressure on health systems. According to the results of scientists Infection with the Omikron variant reduces the risk of hospitalization by 80%.However, among those admitted to hospital, the risk of severe disease did not differ significantly from those with other variants.

Specialists examined the course of a delta-variable infection in South Africa from April to November, while the analysis of infections related to Omicron was from October and November. When compiling the results, the study authors took into account the influence of factors such as age, gender, presence of other diseases, and prior vaccination. According to British Professor Paul Hunter, the study is “important”, but it is for him The results can be distorted by comparing the course of the disease from different seasons of the year.

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