Three quasars make up one of the most massive objects known.  When did they originate?

As it happens, astronomers have observed three quasars that together form one of the largest objects in the universe. They used the Fronter supercomputer to run simulations that gave them information about the origin of these objects, which formed about 11 billion years ago. Details of the research conducted are published on the pages Astrophysical Journal Letters.

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A simulation in which scientists try to unlock the secrets of the universe – including the processes involved in the birth of supermassive black holes – is called Astrid. This is how they encountered three black holes about 11 billion years ago. The universe at that time was about 2-3 billion years old and was in a phase called cosmic noon. Then stars, supermassive black holes and active galactic nuclei often appeared.

The quasars covered in the simulations formed during what is called a cosmic noon

The best evidence for the rate of star birth at that time is the fact that about half of these objects formed around cosmic noon. There has also been a merger of three very massive galaxies. Each was at least 10 times more massive than the Milky Way, and had a supermassive black hole at its centre.

As the authors of the aforementioned post summarize, thanks to Astrid, it was possible to simulate the behavior of black holes with galaxies using a set of physical sublattices models. One of the main conclusions in this case is that so-called supermassive black holes can be formed by rare mergers of very massive galaxies during the cosmic noon.

Black holes are very interesting, but at the same time they are things that are not very well understood. Because of its strong gravity, it can even absorb light. However, this does not mean that its range is infinite. There is a sphere known as the event horizon, within which the observer can be shielded from the gravity of the black hole. Otherwise, he will tear it up and consume it.

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There are of course many hypotheses, including one that suggests that black holes are in fact the entrances to wormholes. However, it would be difficult to explain this matter at all. It would be better if you could find a volunteer willing to throw himself into such a terrifying abyss. But even if a madman volunteered to take part in such a mission, he wouldn’t be able to send any information from inside the black hole. Unless, of course, astrophysicists are wrong in their predictions.

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