Joe Biden signs law to reduce discrimination against transgender youth

US President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Wednesday aimed at reducing discrimination against transgender youth. The document instructs federal agencies to ensure that federally funded programs do not offer “conversion therapy” to force LGBT youth to change their sexual orientation, and the FTC oversees such practices.

The President of the United States by order Joe Biden She asked federal health and education departments to expand access to gender-based medical care and find new ways to counter the adoption of laws passed in US states that ban treatment of transgender teens.

An executive decree instructs federal agencies to ensure that federally funded programs do not offer “conversion therapy” designed to coerce teens. LGBT To change sexual orientation, the Federal Trade Commission supervises such practices.

Joe Biden signed the decree at the White House Pride Month partySean Theo/PAP/EPA

Biden signs an ordinance in favor of LGBT people

“We have a lot to do,” Joe Biden said before signing the party decree. Duma month in the White House. The US president estimated that “US states have enacted hundreds of laws targeting LGBT people.” “The attacks are real, and they have implications for real families,” Biden added.

president United States of America LGBT children placed in foster care want to go to supportive families and create a new working group on LGBT homelessness.

The White House said that over the past year more than 300 “anti-LGBT” laws have been passed in state legislatures — including banning class discussions about gender identity, denying access to medical care, and restricting participation in sports.

Main image source: Sean Theo/PAP/EPA

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