The penalty kick pleased Puszcza Niepołomice.  Toothless Widzew Lodz

PAP / PAP/Łukasz Gągulski / There was a lot of fighting in the match between Puszcza and Widzew. Football is much less

Michel Bigza

In the match that ended in the 18th round of the PKO Ekstraklasa, only one goal was scored. After scoring a penalty kick, Puszcza Niepołomice deservedly beat Widzew Łódź 1-0.

Before the match that ended in the 18th round of the PKO Ekstraklasa, both teams were unable to remain calm. Widzew’s situation was much better, but a loss to Puszcza in Krakow could have complicated their position before the winter break.

In turn, the newcomer recently made up for its loss to the safe zone and, by defeating its rival from Łódź, could get out of the relegation zone.

Tomasz Tułacz’s players attacked first. Some clashes took place in front of Hiresh Ravas’ goal, but without any details.

The visitors could have scored in the 13th minute when Antoni Klimek found himself in a great position. Olivier Ziyech blocked the shot. After a while, the referee showed offside. Completely doubtful. Puszcza dominated most of the match, but Henrich Ravas did not have to show his goalkeeping skills.

Before half-time, Widzew created a second good chance. In the confusion, Juan Ibiza scored and Kamil Zabolnik kicked the ball off the goal line.

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After the break, the situation on the field did not change. However, not much happened. Neither team was taking any chances. Fifteen minutes later, Puszcza was injured. After a shot from distance, Ibiza played into his hand. After VAR analysis, the referee awarded a penalty kick, which Artur Craciun successfully executed.

After losing the goal, Widzew did not attack. Niepołomice’s team maintained their modest lead without any major problems. Nothing happened in front of the goals.

There was complete chaos on the field in the last minutes. Widzew was unable to threaten the forest for long. It seemed that the hosts were closer to another goal. Only in the 89th minute did Ernst Terbiowski hit Zeš with a direct shot from the penalty area. The shot went beyond the goal!

In the end, no more goals were scored in the match. The hosts got three very valuable points. Widzew did little to score points in Krakow.

Puszcza Niepołomice – Widzew Łódź 1:0 (0:0)
1:0 – Artur Craciun (K) 60′


Nebulomesi Forest: Olewier Ziych – Piotr Mrozinski, Roman Jakuba, Artur Kraciun, Jakub Bartosz – Konrad Stepien, Michal Walski (90+1′ as senior Czechun) – Artur Semashko, Artur Semashko (90+1′ Lukas Soloj), Wojciech Haida (83′ Jakub Serafin) ). ), Hubert Tomalski (77′ Mateusz Choliwiak) – Kamil Zabolnik.

Widziw Lodz: Henrich Ravas – Pawel Zielinski (81′ Andris Cyjanics), Mateusz Ciro, Juan Ibiza, Luis Silva – Bartlomiej Pawlowski (64′ Ernst Terbiowski), Marek Hanusek, Fran Alvarez (88′ Dominic Kun) – Fabio Nunes (64′ Imad Rondic) . Jordi Sanchez, Anthony Klimek (64′ Davut Tkac).

Yellow cards: Mroziński, Craciun, Jakuba (Puszcza) and Żyro, Zieliński, Ibiza, Tkacz (Widzew).

Judge: Pawel Raczkowski (Warsaw).

Viewers: 1677.

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