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HomescienceProject Lyra, meaning we will catch an interstellar visitor

Project Lyra, meaning we will catch an interstellar visitor


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Avi Loeb, a researcher from Harvard University, is sure that the substance is from her This space probe was madeIts goal was to reflect as many solar rays and solar wind particles as possible, which in turn was to increase the speed at which the probe was moving so that it could return to the system from which it was sent as quickly as possible.

A mission to investigate the facility is already being prepared. It will be called Lyra (Lud) after the constellation, from which direction Oumuamua was supposed to come to us. However, the biggest problems are money and advanced technology. We also have less and less time, because ‘Oumuamua is moving at a tremendous speed of more than 60 kilometers per second.

currently The object is somewhere near the orbit of Pluto. If we want to catch ‘Oumuamua and land it safely, we must accelerate and develop a space probe engine that will travel through space at speeds of more than 30 kilometers per second. Interestingly, the New Horizons probe, with which we discovered the planet Pluto, recently accelerated to a record speed of 16 kilometers per second, and is still far from 30 kilometers per second.

Scientists suggest so The probe was sent into space in December 2030. In July 2033, it is scheduled to change its orbit in such a way that it will reach Jupiter a year later and, using its gravitational assistance, shoot back toward Earth, then in April 2036 it will gravitationally “bounce” off the Sun and set. Go at a whopping 50 km/s to ‘Oumuamua. At this rate, it is expected to be reached in 2052 and examined at close range.

Astronomers predict that the current arms race between the United States, Russia and China and the development of space technologies will continue The necessity of returning to the moon and traveling to Mars, will create new types of drives that will enable a quick trip to the Oumuamua object and a thorough examination of it. Perhaps the greatest achievement would be the construction of the first nuclear engine.

I remember that Object 1I/ʻOumuamua, or rather C/2017 U1It was discovered in October 2017. The correct name for the object was chosen by its discoverers, the Pan-STARRS team working at the Haleakala Observatory in Hawaii. “Oumuamua” is a word of Hawaiian origin that means a scout or messenger from the distant past. The latest observations indicate that the new arrival is about 800 meters long and only 100 meters wide. It is rusty in color, made of metal, reflects only 4% of sunlight, and rotates on its axis in about 7 hours.

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