April 1, 2023


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The Great Race for the Poles!  Advance to the final

The Great Race for the Poles! Advance to the final

This was it! The Polish sprinters in the 4x100m relay were not the favorites in the semi-finals at the European Championships in Munich 2022, but won by direct progression to the final.

David Frank

Przemyslav Słowikowski

PAP / Adam Warżawa / Pictured: Przemysław Słowikowski

The Poles began competing in the semi-finals: Dominic Kobe, Przemyslaw Sowikowski, Patrick Wikruta, Mateusz Sjoda. In the men’s 4x100m relay we were not expecting a great result, and the Poles achieved such results in the semi-finals. From the start it was clear that the end result could be very good.

Dominic Kobe’s start was of key importance as he passed the baton to Przemyslav Sovikovsky in third. Subsequently, the Poles retained the place they had with a direct promotion to the finals. In the end, the competitors came very close to Mateusz Seuda, but the pole withstood the pressure.

Our players finished the competition in 38.6 seconds, the best result of the season. The Germans won (37.97 seconds), and the French finished second (38.17). In the end, Piao Ziruni entered the finals with the fourth best result on the field.

– I think fate has shattered. We always either lost the stick or the results were really bad. Today everything was fine – Dominic Kubis told TVP Sport after the end of the race.

The final with the participation of the Poles will take place on Sunday at 21:12.

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