Eight months after he left, Stephen's office broke the silence

Eight months after his contract with Radio-Canada was terminated, Stephen’s bureaucracy breaks its silence and breaks his long professional gap. The journalist is producing his own TV show, which he describes as a news talk show that allows extraordinary encounters on the small screen.

Last May, Stephen Bureau conducted an interview with controversial French epidemiologist Didier Raoult on his show. Of course Broadcast on ICI Premiere. In July, the Radio-Canada Ombudsman announced that the interview violated Radio-Canada press standards and practices. On August 20, Stephen left the station after the bureau publicly responded to a critic who criticized his guest’s comments as “not designed” enough. He has not worked since.

“I think it says something about our best time: the choice of words I had at the time, says one who had no plans in front of him when he left Radio-Canada. It was a potty interview, as casual as I have ever done in my life, in a non-existent environment. It took an extraordinary proportion. ⁇

In an interview, the experienced journalist assures us that nothing that happened this summer has had any impact on his contract terms. He explains that he received offers from Radio-Canada before and after his interview with Didier Raoult, including one a few weeks ago. It was the controversy he had last spring over “the order of personal relations between employer and employee” that led him to decide to say goodbye to those who asked him.


“Some people were confused by what I was doing,” he says. I am aware of the deep inconvenience caused by my guests and my questions, at the time, that pay was not a reason for delays and especially compromises, i.e. compared to me. This is a huge loss because stopping doing what you want in life and losing the joy of working with a site and people is the price to pay. ⁇

But the facilitator knows that society is changing. “Nowadays there is a fine line between being brave and being toxic. I have no intention of being provoked in order to be provoked. The corridor of comfort in our media universe is very narrow. Is it possible to extend the space by pushing the walls back a little? ⁇

The production of this unconventional news program marks the host’s first professional gesture in eight months. “In the guest seats, I hope this will be the plural place where we can see all kinds of views,” he says. In some cases, including low-lying views in the air. All with the aim of asking questions that we no longer ask, or ask, and that we do not ask. We would like to meet the current information offer in Quebec. ⁇

Keep asking

His options? Manage the request without complacency and sometimes spit (he says it’s nice to be there) and above all, always refuse to pre-determine his guests. If the newsletter is released within ten days, we understand that the radio-Canada antenna will not detect the host.

“I have nowhere else to oppose Radio-Canada or settle accounts, and I have none. I’ve been somewhere else because I thought of what we did, and it was clear that what I wanted to do would not happen there. However, I insist there is no bitterness. ⁇

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