Law and Justice Member of Parliament: The German coalition will act like a cold shower in some EU countries

And Rzuwika stresses that the German parties that signed Tuesday’s coalition agreement – the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Free Democratic Party – want the EU to look very different from its wanted founders, such as Robert Schumann or Alcide de Gasperi.

It will not be a union of free nations and free, sovereign nations, but a union of the growing influence of the richest nations at the expense of the poor. Berlin has already dominated all the EU institutions in Brussels. While former Chancellor Angela Merkel has tried to emerge, the new chancellor and coalition partners say outright that they will strive to create a United States of Europe. However, this will encounter enormous resistance from various conservative circles and those associated with the Christian Democrats in Europe

Rzońca thought.

In his opinion Acceptance of the creation of a “European state” is characteristic only of left and liberal circles. Europe does not want a union dominated by Germany and the left. It would be a denial of all the values ​​that underlie the creation of society. The coalition agreement between the Social Democratic Party, the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party in many countries and environments will be a cold shower– Refers to electrical and mechanical engineering.

He was not surprised by the terms of the alliance agreement regarding Russia.

Former German chancellor, socialist Gerhard Schroeder, gets paid by Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as other left-wing politicians from Austria, Finland and France. Despite this, many Central and Eastern European countries will not agree with Lynn’s approach to Putin’s Russia

– Indicates.

federation union

The main representatives of the SPD, the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party signed a coalition agreement concluded at the end of November in Berlin. Much space has been allocated to the European Union, where the new government feels a “special responsibility”. There is no mention of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and he considers relations with Russia “deep and diverse”. There are words of support for Ukraine and Belarus.

The coalition partners want to give the EU a constitution and develop it into a “European federal state”.

So the future federal government calls for the creation of the United States of Europe – said the weekly “Spiegel”. “Along the way, he wants to change EU treaties – which are generally considered impossible in Brussels – and introduce a European electoral law with multinational lists and a binding system for the best candidates.”

In addition, the requirement of unanimity in foreign and security policy should be abolished, which is possible only if all EU countries decide unanimously, appointing a “real EU foreign minister”. The ultimate goal is a “more capable and strategic EU”.

The 177 pages of the coalition agreement do not mention the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. However, there is one sentence in one place: “European energy law also applies to Germany’s energy policy projects.”

The coalition partners allocate a lot of space for Russia in their agreement.

“German-Russian relations are deep and diverse,” they wrote. Russia “is also an important international player. We understand and continue to strive for the importance of purposeful and stable relations. We are ready for constructive dialogue.” The new alliance affirms: “We deal with the interests of both sides on the basis of the principles of international law, human rights and the European peace system, to which Russia has also adhered. We respect the interests of our European neighbors, especially our partners in Central and Eastern Europe. Different ways of recognizing threats and we will focus on a common and coherent EU policy towards Russia.

The Social Democratic Party, the Green Party, and the FDP all declare: “We will continue to support Ukraine in fully restoring its territorial integrity and sovereignty. We strive to deepen the energy partnership with Ukraine, with high ambitions in renewable energy, green hydrogen production, energy efficiency and dioxide Carbon. Reduce.”

Source: PAP,

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