Screenwriters and Hollywood studios reach a tentative agreement

(LOS ANGELES) Union leaders and Hollywood studios reached a tentative agreement Sunday that ends a nearly five-month-long historic screenwriters’ strike, although a contract for striking actors is still missing.

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) announced the deal in a statement.

The three-year contract agreement — reached after five marathon days of renewed negotiations between WGA negotiators and a coalition of studios, streaming services and production companies — must be approved by the board of directors and guild members before an official conclusion. strike.

Terms of the deal were not immediately announced. A policy agreement to end the last writers’ strike in 2008 was approved by more than 90% of members.

Thanks to this deal, including late-night shows The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon NBC and Jimmy Kimmel Live! From ABC, it is possible to return to tidal waves within a few days.

There is no change in the cast

Things are back to normal in Hollywood as writers prepare to reopen their laptops, as negotiations between studios and striking actors have yet to begin. Crew members who lost their jobs due to the shutdown will remain unemployed for the time being.

The proposed settlement of the writers’ strike came after renegotiations on Wednesday for the first time in a month. Disney’s Bob Iger, Netflix’s Ted Sarandos, Warner Bros.’ Administrators like David Zaslav. Discovery and NBCUniversal’s Donna Langley are said to be directly involved in the negotiations.

Photo by Mario Anjuoni, Archives Reuters

Demonstration by actors and screenwriters on strike, Friday

About 11,500 WGA members walked off the job on May 2 over issues such as pay, the size of the show’s writing staff and the use of artificial intelligence in creating storylines.

Actors who joined writers on strike in July have their own demands, but have yet to discuss resuming negotiations with their union.

Products at break

The writers’ strike immediately halted late-night talk shows Saturday Night Liveand has sent dozens of scripted shows and other productions into drag, including its next seasons Stranger things Netflix, The Last of Us on HBO, and Abbott Elementary From ABC, as well as pictures Deadpool 3 And Superman: Legacy. The Emmy Awards were also pushed back from September to January.

More recently, writers have targeted talk shows The True Barrymore Show, Live with Bill Maher And Speech. All have returned in the face of picketing and pressure and are expected to return soon.

The combined strikes were a pivotal moment in Hollywood, with creative workers taking on the leaders of an industry transformed and torn apart by technology, from the seismic shift toward streaming in recent years to the potentially revolutionary emergence of artificial intelligence in the coming years.

Screenwriters have traditionally struck more than other sectors of the industry, but enjoyed a relatively long period of industrial peace until spring negotiations for a new contract broke down.

It was the first walkout since 2007 and the longest since 1988.

On July 14, after more than two months of strike, the writers went on strike along with 65,000 film and television actors.

This is the first time since 1960 that the two groups have attacked together. In this walkout, the writers’ strike began first and ended second. This time, studios chose to deal with writers first.

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the group that represents employers in negotiations, first proposed resuming talks in August. The meetings were short, infrequent and ineffective, and the discussions were quiet for another month.

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