The “old” Pb95 will disappear from gas stations.  A blow to the wallets of owners of old cars

In 2024, E10 fuel will appear at Polish stations. This means that after January 1, the popular gasoline 95 (Pb95) will contain up to 10 percent. Vital components. As Orlin reported in response to questions from, “Same thing It will completely replace fuel with a 5% share of this component.

According to Reflex calculations, today the average price of Pb95 at gas stations in Poland is PLN 6.47/litre, while a liter of Pb98 costs an average of PLN 7.06. As a result, a 50 liter Pb98 tank is on average PLN 29.5 more expensive than after filling it with Pb95.

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What cars cannot be refueled with E10 gasoline?

Ministry of Climate and Environment Launched an Internet search enginewhich, after entering the brand, model and year of production, informs whether the owner of a particular car can refuel with E10 fuel.

Because there is no shortage of cars that can be considered “older” on Polish roads. The average age of a car in our country is about 14 years. Meanwhile, the risks associated with refueling with new fuel are said to apply to vehicles manufactured before 2010, although some manufacturers cite the year 2000 as the maximum.

What can we learn from the MKiŚ search engine? For example, the fact that Fiat Puntos from 1993 to 1999 “cannot refuel with E10”, but those produced as of 2000 can. In the case of the Ford Fiesta, cars from 1992 are considered “safe,” and the popular Volkswagen Passat and BMW 3 Series should not be harmed by E10 fuel, even if they were manufactured in 1975.

In small print in its search engine, the Ministry of Climate and Environment added a paragraph that neither the Ministry nor the State Treasury mentioned “We are not responsible for any harm or harm resulting from the use of information found in the search engine.”.

Nothing abnormal. The website suggests that it is more accurate. The best proof of this is the famous Volkswagen Golf. In the fifth generation (from 2003) it was available in 1.6 MPI version (which can be refueled with E10) and 1.6 FSI (which cannot be refueled with E10). with Information collected by It follows this At least 50 popular car models in Poland cannot be refueled with E10 fuel.

Judgment on p. 98. Why is it more expensive?

Why is Pb98 more expensive by several tens of cents per liter than the popular 95 gasoline? In response to our questions, Orlin explains that the price difference between 95 and 98 octane gasoline is due to production costs and additional ingredients. Pb98 contains “additional components that have anti-corrosion properties or protect the fuel during storage (antioxidants).”

Does this mean that demand for more expensive “old” gasoline will increase after January 1? Some drivers, due to lack of confidence, will decide to refuel with Pb98 (E5).

– It is difficult to say unequivocally whether production will have to be increased, if so, it will probably be immediately after the introduction of the new fuel, when some drivers decide to fill the fuel with Pb98 (E5) due to lack of confidence – says Money pl Zbigniew Lapinski, Member of the Board of Directors of Anwim Company, which operates Moya gas stations.

‘Lack of confidence’ in new E10 fuel

One fuel market analyst also draws attention to the “lack of confidence.” – It is not certain that fueling an old car with E10 fuel will necessarily cause engine damage. This caution may be due to a lack of proper research and testing. After E10 fuel was put on the market in Bulgaria and Romania, where the car fleet is the same age as the car fleet in Poland, we did not notice any reports of mass car breakdowns – says Grzegorz Maziak, e-petrol. analyst t.

– Many drivers may not know that they have already filled their cars with E10 fuel, for example on their way to a holiday in Croatia – adds Mazyak.

Because today you can refuel E10, among others: in Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, as well as in Slovakia and Hungary. – In Germany, you can now fill up with E20 gasoline at a few stations – Lapinski points out. This means that it contains up to 20 percent. Vital components.

Will E10 fuel be more expensive?

Will those who fill up with the new type of fuel also pay more? not necessarily. Leszek Wiwala, President of the Polish Organization of Petroleum Industry and Trade, stated in an interview with that “a slight increase in the alcohol content of gasoline “It will not have a significant impact on the prices of this fuel, which means it should not be noticed by drivers.”

Because fuel prices are mainly affected by crude oil prices, finished fuel prices in Europe and the PLN/USD exchange rate.

– There is no reason to fear that on January 1, due to the introduction of E10 fuel, gasoline will become several cents per liter more expensive from day to day. Naturally, their prices will reflect fluctuations in global markets – says Grzegorz Maziak from

Can E10 gasoline harm engines? The expert answers

We asked an expert why owners of old cars are warned against refueling with E10 fuel. – In older vehicles, the seals in the fuel system are not suitable for fuel containing vital components. Such fuel may damage the seals, which may result in a fuel leak – says Dr. Eng. Piotr Haller from the Department of Vehicle Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

It draws attention to another aspect. In addition, these fuels have a shorter shelf life. This is an additional problem in the case of compounds that are rarely used – adds Dr. M. Haller.

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