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What is the cheapest way to drive a car? Low driving costs are primarily the type of fuel. In the case of LPG, it is almost twice as expensive as gasoline and this may pay off. We decided to check the cost of the cheapest Dacia with LPG, and for comparison, we chose the two most popular models in Poland: Dacia Sandero and Dacia Duster.

Dacia has focused on LPG for years and now has several years of experience in plant gas facilities. In the case of this brand, it is completely integrated with the car, including the computer, thanks to which we have full functionality with the combined range and remaining fuel.

The LPG tanks at the Dacia plant have a capacity of 50 liters and hold 40 liters of gas. This is enough for the total range (petrol + gas) of this car to exceed 1300 km. So what is the cheapest LPG car?

Dacia Sandero LPG 100 KM ECO-G

Dacia Sandero is a spacious B-segment sedan that convinces with a modern silhouette and a significantly improved interior compared to the previous version. The cheapest version costs 48.5 thousand PLN, but a 100-horsepower engine with LPG installed at the factory requires a higher equipment level (basic) and an additional payment of 2300 PLN compared to the TCE 90. We also added air conditioning and the total price of the cheaper version with autogas cost the final price PLN 60,900. The color of the car – white – is well suited to the current temperature.

The equipment includes 15-inch rims, an on-board computer, central locking, automatic LED lights, a 2/3 and 1/3 folding rear seat backrest and manual air conditioning. Sandero offers two ISOFIX mounts on the side rear seats.

Sandero You will configure it here.

Dacia Duster LPG 100 KM ECO-G

Dacia Duster is an SUV, which is very popular in Poland among individual customers. The most elegant chassis, great off-road characteristics, high ground clearance and a very good price / performance ratio are the main advantages of this car. The basic version costs 66000 PLN. In this calculation, we are based on the basic version, the additional cost of a 100-horsepower engine with a factory gas installation is PLN 2,300, and you also have to pay extra for air conditioning, PLN 2,500, so it is more expensive than in the case of Sandero.

The final price for this LPG configured ashtray is PLN 71,400. The equipment includes fenders, 16-inch wheels, digital radio, central locking, automatic LED lights, ISOFIX on the rear seat on two side seats.

duster You will configure it here.

It is worth noting that Dacia is a budget brand – we will not find leather finishes and high-quality materials. Before buying, as with any car, it is worthwhile to take a test drive. Dacia also offers Many cars available immediately.

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