The Ninth Obole Test of Knowledge about the Cursed Soldiers is behind us.  We know the winners.  Check if you answered the questions

The competition ended as part of the ninth Obol test of knowledge about the Cursed Soldiers. 25 people accepted the challenge. We know the winners from three categories. Check if you know the answers to the test questions. We present all questions and answers in the photo gallery.

I rate the difficulty of questions about release sponsors as high, said Tomas Koetic, event coordinator. – The results, especially from the young participants, were a very pleasant surprise. I’m sure we’ll hear more about them.

The sponsors of this edition were two officers, participants in the post-war independence plot: the bogus Lieutenant-Colonel Anthony Ochnojewicz. “Buhoriki” and Lieutenant Stanislaw Kubik. “revenge”. As many as 20 out of 30 questions related to these people.

The challenge to participate in the ninth Obol test of knowledge about the cursed soldiers was accepted by 25 people. The test was conducted online. Participants came from different regions, not only from the Opole region. The farthest from Opole, where the competitor came from in this year’s competition, is Toruń.

Contestants competed in three age groups: elementary school (7th and 8th grade), high school, and senior. Below we publish the names of the winners of the crowning positions, along with the time of the exam.

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