Coloring books are essential tools for a child’s cognitive and emotional development. They boost creativity, enhance fine motor skills, and offer an engaging way for kids to relax and destress. From cute animals to powerful monster trucks, magical worlds, and beloved characters, there’s a coloring book for every interest. Here, we take an in-depth look at five popular coloring books available in Canada, reviewing their features, pros, and cons, and providing customer feedback.

Best Coloring Books for Kids of All Ages in Canada

1. Super Sweet Coloring Book: For kids of all ages


  • Variety of Images: This book offers a range of delightful and engaging images, including cute animals, whimsical unicorns, beautiful flowers, and mouth-watering cupcakes. There’s something for every child’s interest.
  • Suitable for All Ages: The designs range from simple to complex, making it suitable for kids of varying age groups.
  • High-Quality Paper: The book features thick, high-quality paper, ensuring colors don’t bleed through to the other side.
  • Single-Sided Pages: Each image is on a single side, preventing any color interference with the next picture.


  • Promotes Creativity: The wide range of pictures encourages children to explore different color combinations and boosts their creativity.
  • Adaptability: The varying complexity of the images caters to different skill levels, allowing the book to grow with the child.
  • Prevents Color Bleed: Thanks to the high-quality paper and single-sided pages, kids can use different coloring mediums without worry.


  • Limited Number of Pages: Some customers noted that they wished the book had more pages, given the quality and variety of images.

Customer Review:

One customer praised the book saying, “The Super Sweet Coloring Book is a hit with my kids! They love the variety of images and the paper quality is excellent. I just wish there were more pages as my kids went through it pretty quickly.”

2. Monster Truck Coloring Book: 50 Illustrations


  • 50 Unique Illustrations: The book boasts 50 unique monster truck illustrations, providing hours of coloring fun.
  • Details for Learning: Each truck comes with interesting facts and information, enhancing the child’s knowledge while they color.
  • Single-Sided Pages: Each illustration is on a single side, which helps prevent color bleed through to the next image.
  • High-Quality Paper: The book uses thick, high-quality paper, suitable for various coloring mediums.


  • Educational: The book combines coloring with learning, educating children about different types of monster trucks.
  • High-Quality: The single-sided pages and high-quality paper enhance the coloring experience.
  • Great for Monster Truck Fans: This book is a perfect choice for kids who love monster trucks.


  • Niche Interest: The book is highly specific to monster trucks, which might not appeal to kids with different interests.

Customer Review:

A satisfied parent shared, “My son is a big fan of monster trucks, and he was thrilled with this book. Not only does he enjoy coloring the trucks, but he also loves reading the interesting facts that come with each picture.”

3. Wonderful World of Horses Coloring Book


  • Horse-Themed Images: This coloring book is dedicated to beautiful images of horses. It offers a wide variety of pictures depicting horses in different scenarios – grazing peacefully in meadows, galloping powerfully through open fields, or majestically posed for portrait-style images. The focus on horses makes this book an excellent choice for young equine enthusiasts.
  • Detailed Illustrations: The illustrations in this book are known for their intricate designs. The horses are rendered in careful detail, with special attention paid to their distinctive features and expressions. This level of detail not only provides a realistic depiction of the animal but also makes the coloring experience more engaging and immersive.
  • Single-Sided Pages: Each image in the Wonderful World of Horses Coloring Book is printed on one side of the page. This is a great feature as it prevents colors from bleeding through to the other side, ensuring that every image is preserved in its best possible condition.
  • High-Quality Paper: The coloring book uses thick, high-quality paper. This ensures that it can withstand different coloring mediums, including crayons, colored pencils, and even markers, without tearing or bleeding through.


  • Perfect for Horse Lovers: The Wonderful World of Horses Coloring Book is the ideal choice for children who have a fascination with horses. Its focus on various horse-themed images will captivate their interest and make coloring a more enjoyable activity.
  • Detailed Designs: The intricate designs of the horses and their surroundings present a fun challenge for older children, helping to hold their interest and develop their focus and attention to detail.
  • High-Quality: The use of high-quality paper and single-sided pages enhances the overall coloring experience. Children can use a variety of coloring mediums without worrying about tearing the pages or colors bleeding through to the other side.


  • Complexity: While the detail in the illustrations is a pro for older children, it could be a con for younger ones. Some images may be too intricate for young children to color, making it less suitable for them.

Customer Review:

One customer commented, “The Wonderful World of Horses Coloring Book is a hit with my daughter, who adores horses. The images are beautifully detailed and give her a chance to really express her creativity. The high-quality paper is a nice touch, too. It’s a bit advanced for my younger son, but it’s perfect for my 10-year-old daughter. We highly recommend it for older children who love horses.”

4. 𝗣𝗼𝗸𝗲́𝗺o𝗻 Colouring Book: New 2022-2023 Edition


  • Updated Pokemon Designs: This coloring book features the latest Pokemon characters from the recent releases of the franchise. It allows children to connect with their favorite characters and learn about the new additions to the Pokemon world.
  • Variety of Images: The book offers a wide array of Pokemon in different scenarios and poses, ranging from action scenes to portrait-style images. This variety ensures children will find plenty of their favorite characters to color.
  • High-Quality Paper: The book uses thick, high-quality paper, making it suitable for various coloring mediums such as crayons, colored pencils, and markers without the worry of tearing or bleed-through.
  • Single-Sided Pages: Each image is printed on a single side of the page, which helps prevent color bleed through to the next image, preserving each artwork in its best condition.


  • Engages Pokemon Fans: This coloring book is perfect for kids who are fans of the Pokemon franchise. The updated characters and variety of images will keep them engaged for hours.
  • Quality Paper: The use of high-quality paper enhances the overall coloring experience, allowing children to use a variety of coloring mediums.
  • Up-to-Date: The inclusion of the latest Pokemon characters keeps the content fresh and relevant, adding an element of excitement for the fans.


  • Specific Interest: This coloring book caters to a niche interest. Children who aren’t fans of Pokemon may not find it as engaging as fans would.

Customer Review:

A parent noted, “The Pokemon Colouring Book is a big hit with my 8-year-old who loves Pokemon. The new characters were a pleasant surprise for them. The quality of the paper is also impressive, and we appreciate the single-sided pages. It’s a fantastic coloring book for any Pokemon fan.”

5. The Magically Mindful Me: Mindfulness Coloring Book for Kids


  • Mindfulness Focus: This book takes a unique approach by combining coloring with mindfulness practices. As children color, they’re encouraged to engage in mindfulness exercises, such as paying attention to their breath or noticing how the coloring makes them feel. This focus helps children relax, reduces stress, and promotes better concentration.
  • Variety of Images: The Magically Mindful Me includes a range of images designed to promote relaxation and focus. From calming nature scenes to soothing abstract designs, there’s a variety of images to engage children’s interest and promote mindfulness.
  • Mindfulness Prompts: What sets this book apart are the mindfulness prompts included on each page. These prompts guide children through different mindfulness practices, helping them develop awareness and focus while they color.
  • High-Quality Paper: The book uses thick, high-quality paper. This ensures that the book can withstand different coloring mediums without tearing or bleeding through.


  • Promotes Mindfulness: The combination of coloring and mindfulness practices helps children learn how to relax, focus, and engage with the present moment. This can be beneficial for reducing stress and promoting mental well-being.
  • Variety of Images: The wide variety of images ensures that there’s something for every child’s interest. The variety can also keep the coloring experience fresh and engaging.
  • High-Quality: The use of high-quality paper makes for a better coloring experience. Kids can use a variety of coloring mediums without worrying about tearing the pages or colors bleeding through.


  • Requires Extra Guidance: While the mindfulness prompts are a unique feature, they may require extra guidance for younger children. Parents or caregivers may need to help explain the prompts and guide children through the exercises.

Customer Review:

A parent shared their experience, saying, “The Magically Mindful Me is a wonderful resource for introducing mindfulness to my child. The coloring pages are beautiful, and the prompts for mindfulness exercises are a fantastic addition. It does require a bit of guidance for my younger child to understand and follow the exercises, but it has turned into a great bonding experience. Highly recommended for parents looking to incorporate mindfulness practices into their child’s routine.”

How to select coloring books for kids of all ages 

Toddlers (1-3 years)

Choosing Coloring Books for Toddlers

At this age, children are developing their fine motor skills and beginning to explore their creativity. Therefore, the best coloring books for toddlers are those with large, simple images and thick lines. These books often feature recognizable images like animals, shapes, and everyday objects.

Features to Consider

  • Simplicity: Choose books with simple, recognizable images. Intricate designs can be frustrating for toddlers, who are still learning to control their hand movements.
  • Size of Images: Larger images are easier for toddlers to color.
  • Durability: Look for books with thicker pages that can withstand a toddler’s enthusiastic coloring.
  • Educational Content: Many coloring books for toddlers also introduce basic concepts like numbers, letters, shapes, and animals.

Preschoolers (3-5 years)

Choosing Coloring Books for Preschoolers

As children grow, their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination improve, and they can handle slightly more complex images. They also begin to understand and follow instructions, making coloring books with guided activities suitable for this age group.

Features to Consider

  • Moderate Complexity: Look for books with moderately complex images that will challenge but not frustrate your child.
  • Educational Content: Many coloring books for this age range combine coloring with learning activities, such as letter and number recognition, pattern identification, and matching games.
  • Variety: Choose a book with a variety of themes and images to keep your child interested and engaged.

School-Age Children (6-12 years)

Choosing Coloring Books for School-Age Children

School-age children have significantly improved motor control and can handle intricate designs. They also have longer attention spans and can spend more time on a single image. At this age, children can start exploring themed coloring books, such as those featuring their favorite characters, animals, or places.

Features to Consider

  • Complexity: Look for coloring books with intricate designs that will challenge your child and keep them engaged.
  • Themes: Themed coloring books can make the coloring experience more enjoyable for your child. Consider your child’s interests when choosing a theme.
  • Quality: As children get older, the quality of the coloring book becomes more important. Look for books with high-quality paper that won’t tear easily or allow colors to bleed through.

Teenagers (13 years and up)

Choosing Coloring Books for Teenagers

Teenagers, much like adults, can use coloring books for relaxation and stress relief. They have the motor skills and patience to handle complex, detailed designs. Many enjoy adult coloring books with intricate patterns, abstract designs, or themes relevant to their interests.

Features to Consider

  • Complexity and Detail: Teenagers will appreciate the challenge of coloring intricate, detailed designs.
  • Themes: Themes relevant to your teen’s interests can make the coloring experience more enjoyable. There are coloring books available on almost every theme imaginable, from fantasy and science fiction to nature and architecture.
  • Quality: Look for high-quality coloring books with thick, durable paper that can handle a variety of coloring mediums, including colored pencils, markers, and even watercolor paints.

Uses of Coloring Books

Development of Fine Motor SkillsColoring helps children improve their fine motor skills – the coordination of small muscle movements, usually involving synchronization of hands and fingers with the eyes. The act of coloring requires a child to grasp the pencil or crayon, guiding it within the lines, which enhances their dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Encourages Creativity and Self-ExpressionColoring books provide children with the opportunity to explore their creativity. They can choose their colors, apply different techniques, and add their personal touch to the images. Such activities promote imagination and self-expression.

Improves Focus and ConcentrationColoring requires concentration and attention to detail. By engaging in coloring activities, kids can improve their focus and attention span. These skills can later translate to their academic performance and other aspects of life.

Promotes Relaxation and Stress ReductionColoring has therapeutic potential. It encourages mindfulness and relaxation, much like meditation. By focusing on coloring, children can experience a reduction in anxiety and stress levels.

Enhances Visual and Spatial AwarenessColoring requires children to pay attention to the spatial relationships between different elements on the page. This process can enhance their visual and spatial awareness, which is crucial for their overall cognitive development.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coloring Books

Are there coloring books suitable for all ages?

Yes, there are coloring books designed for all age groups, from toddlers to adults. For younger kids, coloring books typically feature large, simple designs and familiar characters. As the age progresses, coloring books become more complex, featuring intricate patterns and educational content. Adult coloring books often contain elaborate designs, such as mandalas and landscapes, and are used for relaxation and stress relief.

Are digital coloring apps as effective as traditional coloring books?

Digital coloring apps offer some advantages, like an endless palette of colors and the ability to erase mistakes. However, they don’t provide the same tactile experience as traditional coloring, which is crucial for developing fine motor skills. Moreover, excessive screen time can strain the eyes. Hence, a balance between digital and traditional coloring could be the most beneficial.

Is there a ‘right’ way to color?

No, there isn’t a ‘right’ way to color. Coloring is a form of self-expression and creativity. Some children prefer to color within the lines, while others enjoy a more free-form approach. Both methods are valid and beneficial in their own ways.

Can coloring books help with learning?

Yes, coloring books can aid in learning. They can be designed to teach various subjects, including numbers, letters, animals, shapes, and even more complex topics such as history or science. By coloring, children can engage with these subjects in an interactive and enjoyable way.

How often should my child color?

There’s no set rule for how often a child should color. It depends on the child’s interest level and other activities. However, regular coloring sessions can help to reap the benefits mentioned above.


Coloring books remain a valuable resource in every child’s development. They offer a fun way to enhance creativity, improve motor skills, and promote relaxation. The five coloring books reviewed here – Super Sweet Coloring Book, Monster Truck Coloring Book, Wonderful World of Horses Coloring Book, Pokémon Colouring Book, and The Magically Mindful Me – each have unique features catering to various interests and age groups.

The Super Sweet Coloring Book and the Monster Truck Coloring Book are excellent choices for younger children with their less complex images and variety. Older children might find the intricate designs in the Wonderful World of Horses Coloring Book and the Pokémon Colouring Book more engaging. The Magically Mindful Me offers a unique twist by combining coloring with mindfulness exercises, making it a versatile choice for children of all ages.

Remember, the best coloring book for your child ultimately depends on their interests and skill level. So, choose a book that will not only keep them engaged but also help them learn and grow.

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