Almost 1000 apps on Samsung TVs with Tizen.  on Android TV 10 times more

According to a study by the research institute Omdia, in 2022 Samsung will become the world leader in the TV market for the 17th time in a row. For several years, devices from this manufacturer have been sold with the Tizen operating system. LG devices can be purchased with WebOS, while Sony, Philips, Xiaomi and TCL TVs have recently been offered most often with Android TV or Google TV. Already in May 2022, the American company revealed that the number of orders exceeded 10,000.

“Advantages of stability, speed and intuition”

How many apps can we find in the Tizen system store? – Currently there are about 1,000 applications available, including about 500 applications in Polish. Availability of applications may vary depending on the year of manufacture of the TV. Applications are the property of content providers and they have decided to support them on individual TV models – says Samsung’s press office in an interview with

According to the South Korean company, it is not the number of applications that matters most.

The advantage of Samsung Smart TV is the stability of the platform, the speed and intuitiveness of the menu, the adoption of applications, as well as the addition of improvements such as the IoT Hub, which appeared this year. Today, more than 200 million users in 197 countries use Samsung Smart TVs. The popularity of the Tizen system is also confirmed by the fact that in 2022 Samsung decided to make the software available to other TV manufacturers. Thanks to this, more users around the world will be able to take advantage of the advantages of the system and the best solutions for it.

The company also takes care of disabled customers. – Smart TV also means many amenities for visually impaired and deaf people. For example, Relumino mode for people with low vision allows you to adjust picture parameters so that people with visual impairments can enjoy movies full of colors and contrasts on TV. In contrast, the sign language window zoom function is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm that automatically recognizes sign language and enlarges the interpreter’s image by up to 200%. – notes the press office of the TV manufacturer.

The most popular streaming service offered

Most people buy Smart TVs to enjoy the content available on both free and paid streaming services. People looking for SVoD platforms who choose Samsung shouldn’t be disappointed.

– You can use the following apps: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, HBO Max, Player, Polsat Box Go, Viaplay, CDA Premium, TVP VOD, Rakuten TV, SkyShowtime, Canal + online, Megogo, Pilot WP and VOD. pl, TVP Sport, TV Smart Go, Televio,,, TV Smart GO. The application is not yet available. The old app was available, but the new app after the acquisition by Warner Bros. Discovery is not available yet Samsung explains.

Thus, thanks to the equipment with Tizen, we will watch more than 60 stations in Polish for free without antenna. This is possible thanks to TVP VOD, Megogo, Pilot WP or Player apps. Free service with eg TVN older productions in a new version debuted in February 2023. It appeared on Android TV only in May. It will also likely migrate to the Tizen system over time. This is what happened, for example, with Canal + online. In 2020, it appeared in the Google system, a year later on Samsung TVs, and two years after its debut, it also moved to LG devices.

No cam apps and m3u playlists

On Samsung TV we will use myTuner Radio or Spotify. It is worse with less popular applications, such as MiniRadio Player,, Radioline, vRadio and Radio FM, which we will not find in Tizen yet. On the devices of the South Korean company, we also cannot use the popular application with webcams (EarthCam TV). There is also no AccuWeather weather app.

Popular applications for playing m3u lists, and sometimes pirated TV channels (IPTV Extreme, TiviMate, Smart IPTV) are not available in Samsung Store. This software is available on Android TV / Google TV. Only the last app has been removed from the Google Play Store.

After Netflix started its fight against account sharing, some people installed search engines on their TVs. It allows you to bypass the blockade. With the help of these apps, you can also visit popular portals with textual content or social media. – We have a Samsung web browser available. The manufacturer’s press office confirms that this is a built-in application for surfing the Internet on the TV.

The only gaming app like this in the market

What apps can Samsung be proud of? – We have an Xbox app available for cloud gaming (as the only one on the market today)Utomik, GeForce NOW, Twitch, Apple TV +, Apple Music, TVN24 GO, Tidal, Chili, DAZN, Cineman, FilmBox +, Google Meet, Sports Channel, Built-in Apple AirPlay, Built-in SmartThings (Samsung Technology), Built-in Hub which allows you to connect most smart devices without having to purchase a bridge), Samsung’s press office explains.

If we are really interested in applications that are not available in Tizen, and we want to buy Samsung, because we are convinced of the other advantages of this TV, we can choose an Android TV / Google TV adapter for it. The cheapest costs less than PLN 200. You usually have to pay more for equipment that allows you to stream in 4K. The adapter will be connected to the Samsung network via an HDMI cable, as is the case with set-top boxes for digital platforms or cable networks.

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